MDL Beast’s visitors are close to half a million

While the organizer of the “Middle Beast” Festival in Riyadh announced that the attendance of the second day of the festival, which is the largest music event in the Middle East, exceeded the barrier of 200 thousand visitors, with an increase of 20 thousand over the first day. In the north of the capital, to 380,000 visitors in the first two days of the festival, which ends next Sunday.

The festival continues to open its doors to the public to attend concerts, singing performances and lavish outdoor entertainment shows, from three in the afternoon, and the shows last for 12 hours.

On the second day, the festival hosted the Syrian artist Asala and the Lebanese artist Myriam Fares, who presented a number of lyric links to their most prominent works in the “remix” manner, at a time when the first day of the festival witnessed distinguished participations by the artist Elissa, the artist Rashid Al Majid, the artist Majid Al Mohandes, and the artist Mohammad Hamaki.

The audience interacted with the words of “Myriam”, who is participating for the second time in the festival after 2019, and expressed her fascination with the level of development witnessed by the Kingdom. by the pandemic.

The festival receives visitors from inside and outside the Kingdom with a wide range of performances, local art exhibitions, live entertainment shows, food trucks, and outstanding restaurants, to provide an exceptional experience in enjoying the atmosphere of the events.


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