May 1: union demands deconfined

If the 1er May 2020 had to be virtual, first confinement requires, the 2021 edition, the day after Emmanuel Macron’s announcements on the stages of deconfinement, marks the return to the streets of the unions and their demands.

The CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires, as well as the youth movements Unef and UNL, have signed a joint appeal to make this Saturday a “Day of mobilization and demonstrations”, “For jobs, wages, public services, social protection, freedoms and peace in the world”.

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“In the current context, it seemed important to us to mark the occasion a little more than usual, underlined to AFP Yves Veyrier, secretary general of FO. We have in mind both what workers pay as the economic and social consequences of the health crisis, and also the risk, tomorrow, that “whatever it costs” becomes “whatever costs employees” . “

CGT and FO will parade, virtual event for the CFDT

He joins the general secretary of the CGT Philippe Martinez for the parade which, since 2 p.m., brings together the protesting unions between the Place de la République and that of the Nation.

The demonstrators, who only need a simple travel certificate to participate in the parades, also demand the withdrawal of the unemployment insurance reform and oppose any pension reform.

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Reformist side, the CFDT does not parade, having chosen, because of the health situation “To do a digital-only May 1st”. But an event is organized on the union’s Facebook page, during which the general secretary Laurent Berger and his number 2 Marylise Léon will discuss with the activists. They will also present a study on how they experienced the health crisis and outline the outlook.

On the side of the CFTC also, the 1er May will be digital, the union echoing its demands on social networks throughout the day.

Back to school: “an alignment of planets in the wrong direction”

In a context of “Semi-containment”, the political scientist Dominique Andolfatto “Fears for the unions that it is not necessarily so thin parades but that it is not a resounding success either”. “It will perhaps be a first warm-up round to end the crisis”, he told AFP. “This 1er May should make it possible to take the temperature of the social re-entry “, believes Vincent Balouet, manager of the business consulting site

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“In addition to the inequalities generated by the Covid crisis and its consequences for employment, generalized tension and fatigue, the climate of mistrust and the illusion of easy money paid to companies that will be difficult to refuse to those who will claim at the start of the school year form an alignment of planets in the wrong direction ”, he warns.

The consultant also fears a change in the mode of action of the unions, while widespread teleworking in companies could make strikes less effective. “The modes of disruption of unions could migrate to power cuts or communications, or blockades of roads or even businesses”, he warns.


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