“Mawqif” launches its operations in more than 10 locations

The General Manager of Mawqif Technologies Company, Dawood Abdel Nasser Al-Othman, drew attention to the launch of the operational processes for the application of “Mawqif” in more than 10 parking sites within 6 months that follow Kuwait’s real estate companies, “Al-Tamdeen”, Al-Salih Real Estate, and the Ministries Complex.

Al-Othman pointed out that the work mechanism for implementing “Mawqif” adopts two methods. The first is the installation of devices for managing car parks through contracting with the most important global manufacturers that acquire 90 percent of the global market, including the German company SB, and Austrian “SKIDATA” and French “ORBILITY”, then linking them with the application, and the second of them reprogramming the parking devices, if they are present, without changing them to work in accordance with the application software. This facilitates the spread of the “Mawqif” application and its use in 95 percent of Car parking inside Kuwait, with the possibility of adopting it outside it on the Gulf and international levels.

Aziz Al Othman Fakhro

Al-Othman added that the “Mawqif” application has a number of unique advantages that qualify it to lead and excel over the applications of competing peer companies, the most prominent of which is its provision of a set of innovative, varied and integrated solutions and services to manage parking lots that suit the property owner and the user of the application, identifying the most prominent of which is not calculating Additional fees affecting the pocket of the property owner or user, in addition to the accuracy of the monitoring process for the entry and exit of cars from the parking lot, and the reduction of operational costs and the replacement of manual operations that consume great human efforts with digital operations, which reduces errors caused by the human factor.

Al-Othman pointed to the adoption of the principle of privacy in dealing with customers who are property owners, as the requirements and needs of each property owner are studied separately and to provide innovative and integrated solutions that suit him only in order to help him reach the best ways to manage the car parks of his property, indicating that studies and statistics The growth rates in the global market for software and applications related to parking management are rising steadily, and its revenues are expected to exceed $ 43 billion by 2025.

Al-Othman revealed that the number of users of the “Mawqif” application has increased to exceed thousands during the first six months of its launch, which exceeds the previously estimated expectations in the actual launch plan of the application, in addition to signing a cooperation agreement with the public utility company to test “Mawqif” in managing its field parking lots.

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