Mask or no mask: Tom Cruise’s anger during the filming of Mission Impossible

In an audio recording captured on the spot, the actor, producer of the film, declares between two insults that he will fire each person who does not respect the health protocol.

Publicity stunt or bloodstroke? After having saved the world dozens of times in his films, Tom Cruise seems to have difficulty fulfilling his last mission: to enforce barrier gestures on his own film set. Tired of multiple violations of the security protocol against Covid-19 on the set of the next Impossible mission, the 58-year-old actor brutally criticized his teams for their nonchalance, not hesitating to threaten their jobs.

The Sun has secured an audio recording captured in London, where the actor and producer is currently shooting several scenes of the film. In flowery language, he lectures the staff who do not respect social distancing and the other rules allowing feature films to be shot in the midst of a health crisis. A source close to the production said the recording was genuine. Tom Cruise’s rep declined to comment.

We are the benchmark, starts the actor in the recording. They’re back in Hollywood and making movies right now because of us. Because they believe in us and what we do. I’m on the phone with all the fuckin ‘studios at night, insurance companies, producers and they take inspiration from the way we work to make their films. We’re creating thousands of jobs, you motherfuckers. I never want to see this again. Never !

“You are fired”

We’re not gonna stop this movie ****. Is this understood? If I see this type of behavior again, you’re firedHe adds, also addressing the team’s responsibility towards the entire film industry. According to the British daily, Tom Cruise’s anger would have been provoked by two people standing in front of a computer screen. It was not specified when the incident took place, but filming in London began in early December.

The seventh Impossible mission was one of the first films to be stopped because of the coronavirus after the discovery of a dozen cases in the team during the shootings in Venice in February. Production resumed in September, in Italy, Norway and London. In July, Cruise personally asked the Norwegian prime minister to shoot parts of the film in his country and thus change the quarantine rules that were to be applied to him.

The Paramount Pictures feature film is slated for release in November 2021. Impossible mission is one of Hollywood’s most lucrative franchises. The sixth film, released in 2018, grossed more than $ 791 million at the global box office.


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