Marriage examination storms the courts

Mwatana’s brother intends to sue a hospital in the Holy Capital, after the hospital presented the results of his sister’s medical examination with her husband stating that they are identical in terms of health, which contradicted reality after they had two sons of persons with disabilities.

blood diseases

In the details, “Al-Watan” learned about the citizen’s intention to file an official complaint against a hospital in the Holy Capital, after his sister gave birth to two of her disabled sons, due to her husband’s illness with some blood diseases, which caused him to have disabled children, which was not recorded in the medical report. – According to the description of the wife’s brother, adding that the lack of compatibility and harmony between his sister and her husband in terms of health, led to a divorce between them, after a marriage that lasted for 7 years, and when his sister became pregnant with her second son, he visited a clinic specialized in detecting the fetus in Riyadh , who turned out to be from the category of persons with disabilities, to join his first disabled brother.

entitlement to compensation

Legal lawyer Sultan Al-Harthy confirmed that the judge in this case is that in the event that a medical examination results in genetic diseases, hepatitis or immunodeficiency, the owners of the case do not have any lawsuit against the Ministry of Health or the hospital concerned with the medical examination, and that this procreation is a decree of fate, adding at the same time In the event that the medical examination clarifies the disabilities and other diseases such as impairments in the organs or lack of senses, and an error occurred in the examination or negligence and negligence in this aspect, then they deserve compensation.

The premarital medical examination program aims to:

Reducing the spread of some genetic blood diseases (sickle-thalassemia)

Reducing some infectious diseases (hepatitis B/C, acquired immunodeficiency virus (AIDS).

Spreading awareness of the concept of a comprehensive healthy marriage.

Reducing pressure on health institutions and blood banks.

Avoiding the social and psychological problems of families whose children suffer.

Reducing the financial burdens resulting from treating the injured on the family and society.


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