Marine Le Pen declines its defense of French freedoms

That the presidential election of 2022 does not look like that of 2017: this is the wish of Marine Le Pen, who officially launched her campaign, Sunday 12th, in Fréjus (Var). Not only its outcome, marked by its defeat, but also its course. “Because we don’t have the right to lose, we will win”, she hammered in a big speech at the Roman theater in the city.

She took advantage of the national council of the National Gathering to entrust the leadership to Jordan Bardella. Out of the question, this time, to wait between the two rounds of the presidential election. “This fight should no longer only be that of a party but of the country”, explained the candidate.

From now on, Marine Le Pen can devote herself entirely to her campaign, wishing “Get out of partisan logic” and address “To all French people”. Like its new poster, with the slogan “Freedoms, cherished freedoms”, inspired by The Marseillaise : “I will be the president of French freedoms”, she promised. A value that allows it to adapt its entire program: “Freedom of movement”, from safety to the renationalization of highways; “Freedom of communication”, with the privatization of public broadcasting.

Evoking freedom also allows him to reach out to protesters against the health pass, described as “Vaccination pass” and perceived as a “Disproportionate attack on the freedom and equality of the French when some suffer a real unjustified social ban”. While taking care to specify: “We are not against vaccination but for vaccine freedom, which is perhaps what separates us from more radical positions. “ Speaking of a “Questioning” of the freedom to prescribe doctors, Marine Le Pen has sent a nod to conspirators who claim that treatments exist but are prohibited.

This emphasis on freedom made his speech more liberal than usual. Expanding her point, the candidate stated that “The sovereignty of States is to nations what freedom is to the individual”. Elected president, she will however have to convince the whole of the European Union to reorient the treaties, since she no longer advocates a Frexit.

Finally, Marine Le Pen repeated her promise of a referendum on immigration, so that her migration policy is directly approved by the French people by circumventing a possible censorship of the Constitutional Council, the Court of Justice of the European Union or of the European Court of Human Rights. A field on which it now faces competition, the idea being brought to the right by Xavier Bertrand, Valérie Pécresse and even Michel Barnier. But a greater danger threatens her in the days to come: a probable declaration of candidacy by Eric Zemmour.


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