Mank, The Incredible History of Rose Island, Mulan … Online movies to watch or not to watch this week

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To have

Never Rarely Sometimes Always , drama by Eliza Hittman, 1h42

The mutic Autumn (singer Sidney Flanigan on edge for her first role) goes to New York to have an abortion with her cousin Skylar (Talia Ryder). From the streets to the metro corridors of the Big Apple, the duo wanders penniless, dodging the bad guys. The film sketches an intimate road-trip of quest for oneself and one’s autonomy. The sensitive and ideologically-free portrait of a female youth faced with banal toxic masculinity.

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Clear history , comedy by Gustave Kervern and Benoît Delépine, 1h46

In a provincial housing estate, three neighbors are struggling with new technologies and social networks. There is Marie, a victim of sextape blackmail, Bertrand, whose daughter is harassed in high school, and Christine, a private driver, upset to see that her clients’ notes refuse to take off. Together, they decide to go to war against the internet giants. Kervern and Delépine, the troublemakers of French cinema, tailor roles for their actors. Gérard Depardieu has already illustrated themselves in front of their camera (Mammuth), Jean Dujardin (I feel good) or Yolande Moreau (Louise-Michel). This time, Denis Podalydès, Corinne Masiero, crowned with the success of the series of France 3 Captain Marleau, and Blanche Gardin, the comedian with two Molières, got caught up in the game. They obviously had a lot of fun in the company of regulars at Kervern-Delépine: Benoît Poelvoorde, Michel Houellebecq or Vincent Dedienne. The film received a Special Silver Bear at the 70th Berlinale. Everything is in the “special” …

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Mank , biopic by David Fincher, 2:12

In Mank, David Fincher pays tribute to Herman J. Mankiewicz, the author of Citizen Kane . In 1940, Orson Welles had locked the writer on a remote ranch, far from all temptation; “Mank” had his leg in a cast. Two months to make the script. This is how we produce masterpieces. Fincher chooses black and white and a flashback construction that is reminiscent of Welles’ beginnings behind the camera. References are part of the pleasure. Mank had a Keith Richards voice, a biting sense of repartee, an I-don’t care that those around him readily forgave him. Her friend was Marion Davies (excellent Amanda Seyfried), starlet who was the mistress of magnate Randolph Hearst (Charles Dance, Imperial). Fincher swims like a fish in water in this world of glitter and pretense. Gary Oldman greedily slips into the hero’s ragged tweed. He had already played Churchill. This is to say if he is comfortable with alcohol and the right words.

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Mulan , adventure film by Niki Caro, 1h55

The Chinese legend of Hua Mulan, a young girl who takes the place of her father to fight “Terrible invaders”, has taken on quite a facelift. If the feature film of nearly two hours is quite faithful to the plot of the animated version, it is less intended for young audiences than for adolescents and adults. Niki Caro offers a modern and realistic vision of the rise of her heroine brilliantly interpreted by the 32-year-old Chinese-American actress and singer, Liu Yifei, seen in particular in The Lost Soldier by Bille August. This warlike epic, punctuated with spectacular battle scenes against a backdrop of grandiose landscapes, is embellished with notes of humor.

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The Incredible History of Rose Island , comedy-drama by Sydney Sibilia, 1h57

Is he crazy or just a dreamer? The true story of engineer Giorgio Rosa bears witness to a societal malaise that still resonates today. In 1968, this young Italian decided to create a steel island in international waters, where the law does not exist, 500 meters from Italian territorial waters. The Island of the Rose, where the language is Esperanto, quickly became a symbol of freedom at the time of the riots of 1968 throughout Europe. A status that does not already please Italian leaders much, even less when they learn that this small piece of island hopes to become independent by contacting the UN. A historic showdown ensued between the Republic of Italy and the independent state of Ile de la Rose. The Incredible History of Rose Island does not only have the name. Sydney Sibilia paints here a fabulous portrait of this dreamer in love as well as this powerful sovereign state in full reconstruction despite sometimes dated visual effects. Casting side, Elio Germano brings to his character of Giorgio Rosa a certain naivety not so trivial. The hope that animates the character is touching and very easily overflows on the other characters, such as Gabrielle, played by the sublime Matilda De Angelis (The Undoing ), or WR Neumann, aptly played by Tom Wlaschiha (Jaqen H’gar in Games of Thrones). Quite rare to underline it, the non-Italian characters are played by actors from their country of origin, like François Cluzet in the role of an eccentric Frenchman who sticks to his skin rather well. The incredible story of Ile de la Rose reminds its viewer that the taste for freedom is universal and that you have to fight for it. Despite its light and good-natured tone, the feature film still gives rise to a certain bitterness. Control for the sake of control, a story that is repeated today.

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You can see

The Players # paslàpourdanser , documentary by Stéphanie Gillard, 1h27

Stéphanie Gillard films the OL women’s team during the 2018-2019 season. Either one of the best football teams in the world with an impressive track record (7 Champions Leagues, 14 French Championships, 9 French Cups). We see the stars in training, in the locker room, in the canteen and in matches: Wendie Renard, Ada Hererbeg, Amandine Henry, Eugénie Le Sommer, Amel Majri… The young people too, from the training center, with their desires, their doubts, their need for recognition, not necessarily financial, in a discipline long monopolized by men. The problem is that Stéphanie Gillard doesn’t really have an angle. Above all, his film suffers from an impressive lack of rhythm. For who has seen on Netflix The Last Dance, adrenaline-charged documentary about Michael Jordan, The players will appear as panting as the last Sweden-France men in the League of Nations.

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To avoid

Family Romance, LLC , drama by Werner Herzog, 1h29

A Japanese company hires actors to replace relatives in a marriage or to play a role in a family. Good idea, which is treated with an astonishing softness on the part of Herzog. His name was not on the poster, no one would suspect that he is the director. It almost looks like a French film. Where has Aguirre gone?

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Why not them

A boat on the ocean , drama by Arnold de Parscau, 1h35

Eka is a 25 year old Balinese boy living in a small remote village in the north of Bali. Out of love for Margaux, a beautiful piano student living on the island with her French family in a luxurious villa, Eka decides to learn to compose music. The young man will let himself be enchanted by this artistic world that he seeks to conquer, making him hope for a new life far from the poverty and harshness of his environment. But his fall will be commensurate with his ascent to success: vertiginous and tragic.

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The jokes of Toto, comedy by Pascal Bourdiaux, 1h24

At school, Toto is much better at making his friends laugh than listening to lessons from the teacher. With his parents too, Toto’s jokes often turn into disasters … The latest? The fall of a sculpture during an event organized by the patron of his father. But this time, Toto assures us that he is innocent and refuses to be accused of a stupidity that for once he did not do! With his best friends, he will investigate.

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Bigfoot Family , animated film by Ben Stassen and Jérémie Degruson, 1h28

Since returning to town, Bigfoot has become the star of the media. Much to the chagrin of his son Adam who dreamed of a peaceful family life. The teenager tries to tame the incredible powers inherited from his father and finds solace in the crazy menagerie sheltered under his roof. When Bigfoot is alerted by environmental activists, he flies to Alaska, determined to fight the misdeeds of the oil company X-Trakt. A few days later, the whole world is in shock: the hairy adventurer has disappeared. Adam’s blood only turns. Head for the Far North with his mother Shelly, Trapper a fearless raccoon and Wilbur the clumsy bear, to find his super-dad …

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Greenland – The Last Refuge , disaster film by Ric Roman Waugh, 2h00

A comet is about to crash into Earth and cause an unprecedented cataclysm. John Garrity decides to embark on a perilous journey with his ex-wife Allison and their son Nathan to reach the last refuge on Earth safe from disaster. As the urgency becomes absolute and catastrophes follow one another frantically, the Garrities will witness the best and the worst from a panicked humanity in the midst of this chaos.

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The Professor And The Madman , biopic by Farhad Safinia, 2:04

The collaboration between a Scottish philologist and a military doctor interned in a psychiatric hospital, which led to the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary. Presented at the 46th Deauville American Film Festival, the film brings together Sean Penn, Mel Gibson, Natalie Dormer and Steve Coogan around a true story.

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Snow White, the Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs, animated film by Hong Sung-ho, 1h32

Princes transformed into dwarves come to the aid of a princess whose beauty is hidden in her shoes. Here, the fairy tale has fun with our obsession with appearance. But as in all tales, it is love that will save all the characters.

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