Mandibles, Slalom, Demon Slayer … The films to see or avoid this week at the cinema

The dark rooms resume service on May 19 and with them a host of new films, mostly French. What should you see in the cinema? The editorial selection of the Figaro.

What’s new to see

Mandibles , a comedy by Quentin Dupieux, 1h17

In Mandibles, we find Grégoire Ludig, the partner of Benoît Poelvoorde in At office !, by the same Dupieux. Long hair and questionable beard, Manu sleeps on the beach. He was offered a mission paid for 500 euros: to collect a suitcase from a man named Michel Michel and deliver it to someone. He then steals a dilapidated yellow Mercedes and takes his best friend Jean-Gab (David Marsais, his sidekick from Palmashow, also decked out in a terrible cut). But, hardly left, the two nickel-plated feet discover a fly in the trunk of the car. A fly the size of a large dog. They then have a brilliant idea: to make sorrel with the fly by training it like a monkey. “It’s like a drone, it’s even less boring than a drone, there are no batteries to put in it, and it gives us what we want. ” After the serial-killer tire in Rubber, the tame fly in Mandibles ? Why not, Dupieux will stop at nothing and especially not in front of the most stupid ideas. He has an incredible talent to transform them into absurd and delirious comedies. As always, Dupieux looks at idiots with a certain tenderness. Above all, he reminds us that they are not the craziest. Normal people can also be nuts and irrational, and arguably more so. ES

Slalom , a drama by Charlène Favier, 1h32

Echoing the scandals that rocked French figure skating, Slalom by Charlène Favier examines the hold a ski trainer has over his student. With Noée Abita noticed in the miniseries of Arte An island, and Jérémie Renier. The drama received the Ornano-Valenti prize in Deauville, which rewards a first French film. CJ

Fly Me , a dramatic comedy by Christophe Barratier

At 25, Thomas (Victor Belmondo) sleeps during the day and has fun in a club at night. A decadent lifestyle that annoys his father, Doctor Reinhard (Gérard Lanvin), tired by his son’s escapades. One day, the father orders him to take care of one of his young patients, Marcus (Yoann Eloundou), 12 years old and suffering from a heart defect. The meeting will be overwhelming for both parties. As time goes by, Thomas will learn to share the boy’s complicated daily life, between medical centers and trips to the hospital, and give back meaning to his life. NB

Demon Slayer – The Movie: The Infinity Train, an animated film by Haruo Sotozaki, 1h57

The biggest cinema success recorded in the Japanese archipelago in September 2020 (23 million spectators), the film Demon slayer everything to conquer the French-speaking public. Enjoying a strong fan base in France, the anime based on the manga of designer Koyoharu Gotōge seems able to create a surprise in this week of return in theaters. The animated feature film will pick up the story where the series, broadcast in France by the Wakanim platform, left it. Tanjirô, a young demon hunter is given a mission in the infinity train. In the company of his acolytes, his sister Nezuko, Zen’itsu and Inosuke, he will have to defeat an antagonist responsible for the disappearance of about forty people. Small requirement however, to better appreciate the plot of the film it is recommended to have watched the 26 episodes of the series before going to the cinema. NB

The Embrace , a sentimental drama by Ludovic Bergery, 1h40

After a silent end of a decade on the cinema side, Emmanuelle Béart signs with The Embrace his return to the front of the screen. Directed by Ludovic Bergery, she plays Margaux, a young widow in search of herself. After the death of her husband, she begins a new life by choosing to return to the benches of the university. In this new environment, she gradually feels the need to find a desire lost after years of everyday life that we guess gloomy. NB

Falling , a drama by Viggo Mortensen, 1h52

At sixty-two, Viggo Mortensen finally unveils his first feature film. This film that the actor, and now director, describes as himself as “personal”, tells the story of John Peterson, in his fifties, forced to live together at home with his father suffering from dementia. This one never accepted the homosexuality of his son and will make live, by his public inhibition and his psychological instability, a true hell in the hearth which welcomes him. NB

The outputs

30 Days Max , a comedy by Tarek Boudali with Philippe Lacheau, Vanessa Guide and Julien Arruti

Goodbye idiots , a comedy by Albert Dupontel with Virginie Effira

DNA , a drama by Maïwenn with Omar Marwan and Fanny Ardant

Antoinette in the Cévennes , a comedy by Caroline Vignal with Laure Calamy

Of them , a dramatic comedy by Filippo Meneghetti with Barbara Sukowa, Martine Chevallier and Léa Drucker

Drunk , a comedy-drama by Thomas Vinterberg with Mads Mikkelsen

Rag boy , a dramatic comedy by Nicolas Maury with Nathalie Baye, Arnaud Valois and Laure Calamy

Under the stars of Paris , comedy-drama by Claus Drexel with Catherine Frot


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