Man sentenced to death for killing woman after kidnapping her

On Tuesday, a court issued a death sentence against a man who killed a mother after she was kidnapped in broad daylight in front of her two daughters last April, in a case that caused great shock in the Kuwaiti street.

The killing of Kuwaiti Farah Hamza Akbar, 32, prompted women in the Gulf country to organize demonstrations denouncing violence against women, and calling on the authorities to take action to protect them, especially since the victim had filed several complaints against her killer.

The killer kidnapped the young woman while she was with her two daughters and sister in her car, and he is not related to her. Then he stabbed her to death.

On Tuesday, the Kuwaiti Criminal Court issued a death sentence against him by hanging. “We hope that (the verdict) will be supported and implemented so that the family will be reassured,” the lawyer for the victim’s family, Abdel Mohsen al-Qattan, told AFP.

According to the lawyer, the case is scheduled to be referred to the Court of Appeal to consider the verdict within a month.

The killer had asked Farah to marry, knowing that she was married.

A statement by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior stated at the time that he fatally stabbed Farah in the chest, before dumping her body in a hospital. The young man was arrested and confessed to the crime.

Farah had filed complaints against him for harassment, and he was arrested and then released.

A video recording spread on social media showing the killer hitting Farah’s car with his car, and the crying of the two girls can be heard.


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