Malaria tracking app

A team of biomedical researchers from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, and the Ugandan Ministry of Health have been developing an electronic system to detect malaria, to be an alternative to PCR tests or other tests that are used to detect malaria. Infection with disease.

The researchers explained in the study, which was reported in the scientific journal Nature Electronics, that within the framework of the new technology, a blood sample is drawn from the patient and then tested by a device to detect “malaria” with the device linked to an electronic application that works on smartphones, in order to give a more accurate diagnosis. to disease, depending on deep learning techniques.

Malaria tests are analyzed using a cloud computing mechanism, to ensure that they are handled correctly, in order to enable users with different skills to take the test appropriately.

The Phys.Org website quoted John Cooper, a researcher in the School of Engineering at the University of Glasgow, as saying: A 2018 World Health Organization report stressed the need to find an effective and rapid way to conduct tests while making this method available to all who need it, including those in remote and rural areas. .


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