Make peace with the new normal

Q. I am a student of Kamla Nehru College, University of Delhi. As online classes lack one-on-one interaction of classroom studies, I am finding myself lagging in studies. I am not able to grasp the concepts properly and this is making me feel demotivated. My class test results are falling as well. What should I do?

Rani Sharma, New Delhi

A. Well, in the present scenario, onlie classes is the best thing to have happened to students. Though I agree that one-on-one interaction is the best, the key point to realize is that it isn’t the case only with you. So, cheer up. Almost every student nowadays is facing some or the other issues because of online classes – whether it is the inefficiency, doubtfulness or even being merely present there just for the sake of it. More to say, almost everyone is on the same boat.

The second most important thing is the fact that everything has some drawbacks and advantages at the same time. Though online classes lack the much needed physical interaction and presence, without it life would have come to a complete standstill. During the pandemic it provided a platform wherein teachers and students enjoyed at least some level of interaction which was extremely necessary to avoid the complete disruption of education.

And lastly, you should never hesitate to open up about your doubts be it in online classes or offline ones. This is an extremely important tool in refining your abilities and making you even more confident.

In light of the above, I would recommend you to not be demotivated at all as this will direct your energy away from your goal and result in poor mental state. Instead I would urge you to take this challenge head on, be enthusiastic and confident about your.

The “On-Line” is the new normal. Make peace with it. Enjoy it.

Sanjay Arora is Chief Mentor and CEO, He can be reached at

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