Majd Donia: «KASP» accelerates the transformation of banks and companies … digitally

We have more than 50 clients from commercial and government banks and large companies locally
– We signed agreements with Oracle, SAP and Mendex
We treat our customers as partners in success and put developments in their hands quickly and efficiently
Paul Higgins: Digitizing operations requires new ideas outside the box
The main transformation challenge lies in the weakness of business communication with technology

Dr. Majd Donia, General Manager of KASP, said that the company, which was established in 1985, has achieved several successes, through global partnerships that it has concluded with several global technology brands, pointing out that KASP has entered into a partnership with SAP since 1998, and Oracle” since 2016, noting that the latest partnerships were with “Mendix-Siemens” in 2021, in order to meet the needs of its customers and other technology companies, and digital transformation according to the highest international standards.

Donia’s words came on the sidelines of the conference held by “KASP” to introduce the latest systems of the new international company “Mendix-Siemens” known as the “Low Code” logo, which contributes to accelerating the digital transformation of companies, by adopting the latest systems and technologies, through the development of applications using the “Low Code”. ».

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Dunya indicated that KASP has strategic relations with more than 50 clients in the Kuwaiti market, led by many banks, noting that it has contributed to the implementation of more than 300 technology projects in the country, revealing that it has succeeded in meeting clients’ needs to the fullest.

He stated that KASP is considered one of the pioneers and one of the main providers of communications solutions and technological technologies in Kuwait and the region, stressing that companies in Kuwait currently need advanced, specialized and easy-to-use solutions within the framework of their programs and their quest for digital transformation, revealing that the new partnership with Mendex-Siemens contributes In achieving customer requirements quickly, easily, and accurately, and in accordance with the highest safety standards.

He added that KASP’s relationship with its clients is an actual partnership and is not limited to a client-supplier relationship, indicating that the company’s clients include the majority of Kuwaiti banks and major companies from all economic sectors in the country.

Dunya stated that KASP has obtained certificates approved by technology giants around the world, in relation to artificial intelligence, data analysis, digitization, cloud services, cybersecurity, digital transformation, and others.

new ideas

For his part, Paul Higgins, Senior Banking and Financial Sector Expert for Europe, Middle East and Africa, at Mendex-Siemens, said that the presence at the KASP conference comes to review the company’s many successes in accelerating the digital transformation of companies around the world.

Higgins added that Mendex-Siemens, which was founded in 2005, has more than 4,000 customers, more than 1,000 employees and about 180,000 digital developers, and it deals with about 140 universities, pointing out that it has contributed to the establishment of more than 235,000 digital applications around the world. the scientist.

Higgins stated that the purpose of digitization is to accelerate automation, provide quality data and smart software, revealing that challenges in this framework include the need for new ideas from outside the box, rapid launch of products in the market, digitization of customer experiences, and increasing the flow of companies’ operations.

He explained that the difficulty in moving towards digital solutions lies in the weak or lack of communication between business and information technology, the need for 40 percent of the time to re-establish the company’s business, and the shortage in the number of programmers, which leads to a delay in the creation and completion of applications on time. Chief among them is digital applications for companies.

He added that over the past few years, “Low Code” has become increasingly popular, as more companies try to enable all their employees to access and use data now, pointing out that the products and solutions provided by “Mindex-Siemens” make it easy for non-developers to create applications quickly.

discussion sessions

The conference was held in the presence of bank officials and companies, to get acquainted with the most prominent digital solutions of “Mendex-Siemens”, which help them in the digital transformation journey that Kuwait is witnessing at all levels.

The conference witnessed several panel discussions that introduced the attendees to the most prominent developments in the world of digital transformation.

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