Madame Claude: the film shuns the theaters and comes out on Netflix

Sylvie Verheyde’s feature film dedicated to the famous and sulphurous pimp of the 1970s, who died in 2015, will be broadcast directly on the platform on April 2.

The cinema will not be successful with Madame Claude. The biopic of the famous madam, whose real name is Fernande Grudet, who reigned in the 1970s at the head of the most famous luxury prostitution network, will not go through the cinema box and will be released directly on Netflix on April 2.

Signed Sylvie Verheyde, this umpteenth adaptation of the life of the one who changed the codes of prostitution, features Karole Rocher in the title role and Roschdy Zem in that of the gangster Jo Attia. The film portrays this woman of power who made the Fifth Republic tremble, strong with alcove secrets and political support. He notably evokes his meeting with Sidonie (Garance Marillier), the girl she has chosen for herself, who will almost become her right arm. Without wanting to, and probably also because she represents freedom and independence, Sidonie will precipitate her fall …

“Make vice pretty”

A formidable businesswoman, Madame Claude educated her young recruits so that they rent their bodies for an evening to wealthy men and that they “succeed in life”, she assured, in 1992, at the time of a trial for aggravated procuring. Exceptional madam, she modeled her young girls “call girls” so that they attain perfection. Good manners, luxury toilets, cosmetic surgery … she did not skimp on the means to carry out her juicy enterprise and “make vice pretty”, in her own words.

His life, a scenario all found for the seventh art, inspired many directors, including Édouard Molinaro. The novelist Régine Desforges got down to it even in the 1980s. The most striking film will remain that of Just Jaeckin, released in 1977, the director of the no less mythical erotic figure. Emmanuelle. Equally sobrement titled Madame Claude, the film offered a prestigious casting, the role of matchmaker being played by Françoise Fabian, surrounded by Klaus Kinski, Maurice Ronet and Murray Head.

Died at the age of 92 in the city of Nice, in December 2015, Madame Claude, who passed through prison several times, ended her life with a modest retirement in the South.


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