“Macron, I would like to go to his place and bang his face off”: the controversial exit of Pio Marmaï in the middle of the Cannes Film Festival

During a press conference, the actor playing The divide, film of the official selection, was virulent towards the head of state. But his words were probably taken out of context.

Like an air of Caesars 2021 at the Cannes Film Festival? Saturday, during the press conference of The divide, one of the French films in competition, Pio Marmaï, who plays there a truck driver “yellow vest”, explained what he would say to the President of the Republic if he met him. One of his answers is controversial.

Macron, I would like to go to his place through the toilets and the pipes and bang his face, that obviously a bit like everyone else, in absolute terms …“. Relayed en masse on social networks, this sentence from Pio Marmaï to a journalist is shocking but is, in reality, misinterpreted and taken out of context. According to journalists present on the Croisette, this is a quote from his character in the feature film mentioned.

The actor began by saying that he “had no lessons to teach anyone let aloneTo the president. He answered the question, on her behalf, seconds later. “If I had Macron in front of me, I would say to him, ‘buddy, shit, what’s going on here?’», He concluded.

Hospital caregivers overwhelmed and destitute, “yellow vests” beaten up by the police, social classes who look at each other: with The divide, Catherine Corsini exposes the tears of French society. Pio Marmaï also confided that he had been “really sensitive to the trajectoryOf his character. Catherine Corsini, for her part, affirmed, in a more moderate way: “SI never accepted Macron, I would go see him and I would tell him to double the salary of all the caregivers», She confided.

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Out of context or not, this controversial sentence still made the entourage of Emmanuel Macron react. Christophe Castaner, president of the group La République En Marche in the National Assembly, replied a few hours later on Twitter. “The call to violence has no place anywhere, and your status as an “artist” makes it neither smarter nor more acceptable. It’s even the opposite: you win the prize for the most vulgar words», Wrote the former Minister of the Interior.


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