Lupine III: the First, L’Enfant rêve, Maternal … Films to watch or to avoid this week

To have

The dreamed child, drama by Raphaël Jacoulot, 1 h 47

The couple tried everything. Noémie cannot have children. Medicine is giving up. François is discouraged. Fortunately, the wife has her feet on the ground. It will take her, because her husband does not take long to fall in love with a client. The lie is now at all times. Patricia finds herself pregnant. Francis does not know if it is a disaster or a blessing. Raphaël Jacoulot probes souls with an attention that goes as far as entomology. In The dreamed child, Jalil Lespert, beard of three days, is feverish, panicked. His life slips through his fingers. His torments seize you. At his side, Mélanie Doutey finds the role of his career. Flayed alive, swallowing snakes, she has a look through which all illusions pass which suddenly collapse. As for Louise Bourgoin, smiling, blooming, she radiates in the middle of this landscape of pines in dark green, dazzling. In the Jura, the various facts suddenly rise to the height of tragedies.

Maternal , drama by Maura Delpero, 1h29

Three young women cope with the constraints imposed by the nuns’ home which welcomes them in Buenos Aires. Mother of little Nina, extrovert, Luciana, 17, wants to have fun, go out and see the boy who attracts her outside. Pregnant and already mother of little Mickaël, Fatima, who is the same age, is more reserved, studious and obedient. Paola, 20, stands out. Fatima runs away. Paola, the nun with a soft and pensive gaze, sees Nina in her care. Italian director Maura Delpero, 44, films the complexity of the relationships that are forged between the three young girls. For Maternal, the filmmaker draws on her experience. She sweeps away subtly and with great sensitivity the themes of motherhood, mother-child relationships, the importance of education and female emancipation. Taking care never to judge her heroines, always benevolent, Maura Delpero happily stages young non-professional actresses. In particular the two unmarried mothers, Denise Carrizo and Augustina Malale. Larger than life and seeming to come straight out of a documentary film, they literally merge body and soul with their characters.

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Lupine III: the First , animated film by Takashi Yamazaki, 1h33

Lupine III: the First, a Japanese CG animated film co-written and directed by Takashi Yamazaki keeps its promises. And even better than that. First 3D adaptation of this cult series, Takashi Yamazaki does not make a clean sweep of the past. He skillfully mixes the old and the modern and delivers an adventure carried on at full speed in which a tandem of heroes (Lupine and the charming Laëtitia) evolve in the frivolous Paris of the “sixties”. Traveling in a yellow Fiat 500, the protagonists are looking for Bresson’s diary, a mysterious treasure that even the hero’s grandfather never managed to steal. There is Tintin, of the’Indiana Jones, and espionage way Impossible mission in this film. The quality of the animation is obvious. If they keep a “cartoon” side to Chuck Jones, the characters remain endearing. And Lupine, a great lord.

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We can see too

Parents of students , comedy by Noémie Saglio, 1h29

Vincent, in his thirties without children, infiltrates a tribe with codes and mysterious language: the parents of students. Getting together at parent-teacher meetings, school outings and the end-of-year fair is quite a feat! But now, Vincent has a very good reason to be there and even ends up feeling good in this somewhat special community… When a young man, Vincent Dedienne (not at his best) pretends to be a parent of a student. seduce the mistress, Camellia Jordana. A story without surprise with outrageous and cutesy dialogues, shot with boxing gloves.

My Grandfather and I , comedy by Tim Hill, 1h38

Peter, 10, must, at his parents’ request, vacate his room for his grandfather and reluctantly move into the attic. With the help of his friends, he will do everything to get his room back and will not hesitate to use great means. But his grandfather is far from letting it go and counter-attacks… Anything goes!

Relic , horror-horror film by Natalie Erika James, 1h29

When the family matriarch and widow Edna goes missing, her daughter Kay and granddaughter Sam travel to their isolated family home to find her. Soon after Edna returns, and as her demeanor becomes more and more unstable and unsettling, the two women begin to feel an insidious presence in the house. Edna refuses to say where she was, but does she really know …

Yalda, the night of forgiveness , drama by Massoud Bakhshi, 1h29

Iran nowadays. Maryam, 22, accidentally kills her husband Nasser, 65. She is condemned to death. The only person who can save her is Mona, Nasser’s daughter. It would suffice for Mona to agree to forgive Maryam live in front of millions of viewers on a reality show. In Iran this program exists, it inspired this fiction. But Massoud Bakhshi’s film, by plunging into the heart of this world of reality TV falsified from start to finish, quickly tires. Yalda, the night of forgiveness even quite quickly suffocates the spectator who has come to the cinema to see something other than the artificiality of a candy-pink world. The plot manipulates the facts. Fiction too. The strong staging denounces the myriad of pretenses induced by the very concept of the film. Nothing rings true. The cinematic mise en abyme fails to move, despite the ton of makeup, the accuracy of the fight, and good feelings. We would have much preferred a documentary …

Sister , drama by Svetla Tsotsorkova, 1h37

Rayna is a young girl with an explosive temperament and an angelic face. Together with her mother and sister, they try to survive by making figurines that they sell to tourists on the side of the road in their Bulgarian village. To escape the boredom of her existence, Rayna often makes up stories. But this initially funny game ends up threatening the fragile balance of his family.

While waiting for the carnival , documentary by Marcelo Gomes, 1h26

In the remote North Este region of Brazil, the small village of Toritama is a microcosm of ruthless capitalism. Each year, more than 20 million pairs of jeans are produced in makeshift factories. The locals work nonstop, proud to be masters of their time. During Carnival, the only leisure time of the year, they transgress the logic of the accumulation of goods, sell their belongings without regret and flee to the beaches in search of ephemeral happiness.

A world elsewhere , thriller by Étienne Faure, 1h30

South America. In a totally isolated tropical forest. A group of five boys take a long walk to meet a mysterious healer. Following an injury, they find themselves stranded on the edge of a river with a strong current. On the other side of the river, they see a rather strange camp which seems to be occupied by three girls. It is absolutely impossible to cross and communicate … Five boys go in search of a healer in a forest in South America. If the actors including Alain-Fabien Delon and Emile Berling, do not demerit, the scenario is well convoluted. We fall from the top at the end and have a hard time understanding the message.

Pourri Chien, life in Paris , animated film by Davy Durand, 1h00

Once upon a time there was a Parisian, naive and passionate dog called Chien Pourri. With Chaplapla, his faithful gutter companion, Chien Pourri walks the streets of Paris with truffles blowing in the wind. No matter what disasters it causes, Rotten Dog always lands on its feet! So much so that other dogs are starting to find it fishy. The crazy adventure of Chien Pourri and his friends to introduce the poetry of Paris to toddlers!

Aland , fantasy drama by Thomas Germaine, 1h16

In a frozen forest landscape, a breathtaking sequence shot follows a man leaving the family home after a murderous act. The hallucinated wandering of this father in a hostile nature confronts him with the darkness of his appalling crime. Unless it’s something else.

We Are Soldiers , documentary by Svitlana Smirnova, 1h01

Three Ukrainian volunteers, Dmytro Trompac, Anatolii Fateev, Oleksii Sokolovsky, wounded during the war with the Russians and the separatists are treated at the Kiev military hospital. Representing three generations, three social backgrounds, three different regions, they are recovering, getting bored, hoping and preparing for their future.


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