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LuLu Hypermarket Company signed a contract with Talabat Company to facilitate the distribution of its products in Kuwait, in the presence of the Director of “LuLu” in Kuwait, Muhammad Haris, and the Managing Director of “Talabat Kuwait” Bader Al-Ghanim, and senior officials from the two brands at the headquarters of the “LuLu” office in Al-Rai.

The signing of the contract between “LuLu Hypermarket” and “Talabat” will enhance its efforts to provide customers with the best shopping experience with high-quality products, with a wide range of options at competitive prices, and to make the shopping experience more accessible, convenient and accessible to everyone from anywhere in Kuwait.

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Digital shopping and e-commerce is a fast growing platform in Kuwait, with more people than ever before ordering products online.

The deal with Talabat provides more than 17,000 storage units of hypermarket products, as to ensure speedy delivery, 7 stores in the hypermarket have been designated specifically for purchasing products for online delivery, appointing highly experienced and competent staff for product selection services, and ensuring that Products delivered on demand in terms of quality, quantity and value.

The new agreement will see LuLu hypermarket products delivered to all parts of the country, with the possible exception of the Khairan region, and 5 more stores will be launched in 2023, so that LuLu will expand the range of products available for home delivery through Talabat.

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