Luca, the latest film from Pixar studios, will be released exclusively on Disney +

After being announced at the cinema, the animated film by Enrico Casarosa will be available on June 18 on the Disney + platform.

Like Drunk , Luca, the latest production from Pixar studios, will ultimately not be released in theaters. Taking advantage of yet another reshuffle of its schedule, Disney has announced that the film will be exclusively on its Disney + streaming platform on June 18.

Much awaited by fans of the animation studio, this new feature film will tell the adventures of Luca and Alberto, two sea monsters who took the form of children once their fins were placed on the sand. They will discover the daily life of a small Mediterranean village, while trying to hide their secret from their new friends. More than the story, it was the setting of the film that particularly caught the public’s attention.

To build his universe, director Enrico Casarosa said he was inspired by his childhood in Italy. The images of the first two trailers let glimpse a colorful village reminiscent of the Cinque Terre and the scent of gelati, against a backdrop of Vespa and turquoise sea. An ode to the holidays that we would have hoped to discover on the big screen. A missed appointment with the cinema.

In addition to Luca, Disney also announced a simultaneous theatrical and streaming release for two major productions in the United States. Cruella, the live movie about the big bad 101 Dalmatians will be released on May 28 in digital across the Atlantic, while the new Marvel Black widow with Scarlett Johansson will be available for download starting July 9. In France, these two films are still shown in theaters on May 26 and July 7, respectively.


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