Low height increases the risk of death

Low height in middle age is associated with an increased risk of premature death, especially from heart disease or stroke.

This conclusion was reached in a study conducted on the territory of Northern Europe, which was presented in the newspaper “The Guardian”. But regular physical activity can help prevent this contraction and also reduce the risk of heart disease.

People begin to decrease in height after the age of 50, and by the age of 70 the process accelerates. Decreased height is usually caused by shrinking intervertebral discs, and changes in the body. Although decreased height is associated with normal aging, previous research has shown that it may also be linked to an increased risk of death from heart disease.

Measure the height

Scientists studied the case of more than 2,4 thousand women from Denmark and Sweden, born in 1908 and 1952. Height without shoes was measured in the morning, at the start of the study, when the women were aged 30-60 years, and then again 10-13 years later. The date and cause of death were tracked for 17-19 years after the second height measurement.

Causes of death

For 19 years of observation, 625 women died from all causes, but for 17 years, cardiovascular disease was the leading cause of death for 157 women. Each centimeter of height loss was associated with a 14% and 21% increase in the risk of death among Swedish and Danish women, respectively. Significant loss of height, greater than 2 cm, was associated with a 74% and 80% increased chance of death, respectively.

All data analysis showed that significant height loss is associated with a nearly double risk of death from stroke and all types of cardiovascular disease. The risk of death from other causes increases by 71%.


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