Lovely zombies dominate social networks

The clips of the terrifying “zombie” characters, their funny situations and their relationship with the visitors of Winter Wonderland, which is held in the Riyadh season this year, topped social networks, which had a wide response since the first season in 2019, so some people went to watch them, share dances and laugh with them for intimidating passers-by, and their love became And their funny movements with passers-by is one of the most prominent things that attracted the visitors of the House of Horror area.

House of horrors

The terrifying characters present in one of the various forms of Winter Wonderland are mainly to promote the House of Horror (Carnival of Horror), which is one of the most prominent events and consists of 7 games, each of which carries characters such as zombies, aliens and evil magicians, in addition to terrifying tricks that put the player in front of conflicting emotional challenges between fear And laughter topped by the sound of screaming and laughter in a unique tragic harmony.

horror events

In addition, in the horror district, there are 5 events inspired by the best international horror films. Tickets are booked from within the region, and tickets for horror houses start from 55 riyals to 93.5 riyals.

Winter Wonderland is one of the best mobile amusement parks in the world. Its capacity has increased by 40% over last season. The area includes many activities, including the skating rink, which is one of the largest skating rinks in the Middle East, and the Wonder of the World exhibition, which includes many It is a model of the most famous landmarks of world tourism, in addition to many other areas such as the Escape Hotel, Foot Park and Dynamo Square.


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