LIVE – Emmanuel Macron announces the resumption of worship from Saturday, “within the limit of 30 people”

⇒ 8:25 p.m. [CRISE ÉCONOMIQUE] New aid soon to be distributed

Emmanuel Macron announced new aid. For establishments that will remain closed until January 20, they will be able to benefit from “Either 20% of their turnover in 2019, or compensation of up to 10,000 euros per month”. For seasonal workers, extras, precarious workers and young people who cannot find a job, the plan “Will be extended”.

⇒ 8:20 p.m. [VACCIN] Vaccination will not be “mandatory”, says Emmanuel Macron

The Head of State detailed France’s vaccine strategy. Our plan is clear. First, secure the number of doses. The first vaccines, subject to the results, can be administered upon validation by the competent health authorities. A scientific committee will be responsible for monitoring the vaccination. A collective of citizens will be set up to involve the population. Vaccination should be done in a clear and transparent manner, by sharing all the information at each stage ”, said Emmanuel Macron.

“I will not make vaccination compulsory”, he added, also explaining that the elderly would be the first to benefit from the vaccine. “Some (vaccines) will be available from the end of December, beginning of January, and a second generation will arrive in the spring”, did he declare.

In addition, Emmanuel Macron said he wanted to be “More restrictive with regard to those who have the virus ”, calling on Parliament to provide “The conditions to ensure isolation” positive cases.

⇒ 8:15 p.m. [CAFÉS ET RESTAURANTS] Towards a reopening “around January 20”

The third stage of the alleviation of the confinement will take place around January 20, explained Emmanuel Macron. If the number of contaminations remains below 5,000 cases per day, sports halls and restaurants may reopen, “Always with a reinforced health protocol”.

High schools may also be “Fully open, with all the students” around January 20.

⇒ 8:10 p.m. [RESTRICTIONS] A curfew instead of confinement from December 15

From December 15, if the health objectives are reached, the confinement can end and cinemas, theaters, museums can resume their activities. A curfew will however be applied from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m., with exceptions for Christmas and New Year’s nights.

“It will not be a Christmas holiday like the others”, however warned Emmanuel Macron, who asked the French to avoid “All unnecessary travel”.

⇒ 8:05 p.m. [CULTES] Resumption of services from Saturday November 28

Emmanuel Macron said that from November 28, France would enter the first stage of easing confinement. From November 28, outdoor walks are permitted within a radius of 20 kilometers and for 3 hours. Outdoor extracurricular activities are permitted. “All businesses will be able to reopen and home services resume but within the framework of a strict health protocol”, announced Emmanuel Macron. “For worship services will again be permitted up to a limit of 30 people”, he announced.

The second stage will take place on December 15, “If the health objectives Have been achieved. Around January 20, if the number of contamination remains below 5,000 cases per day, sports halls and restaurants may reopen.

⇒ 8:00 p.m. [ALLOCUTION] “The peak of the second wave has passed”

The President of the Republic began his speech by referring to the figures of the epidemic. “The number of positive cases has fallen sharply, it was over 60,000, it stood last week at 20,000 cases per day on average. The number of people in intensive care due to Covid-19 has increased from 4,900 on November 16 to 4,300 today. The peak of the second wave of the epidemic has passed ”, did he declare.

Emmanuel Macron calls on the French to “continue their efforts”.

⇒ 7:55 p.m. [COVID-19] France crosses the 50,000 death mark

Just before Emmanuel Macron’s speech, the number of deaths from Covid-19 crossed the 50,000 mark in France, with a total of 50,237 deaths in hospitals and medico-social establishments, Health said public France.

34,399 deaths have occurred in hospitals, including 458 in the last 24 hours, specifies the health agency in its daily update. France is the seventh country to record at least 50,000 deaths, after the United States, Brazil, India, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Italy.

⇒ 7:45 p.m. [ÉPIDÉMIE] Reassure the French about the vaccine

The other challenge of Emmanuel Macron’s speech is to reassure the French about the future vaccination campaign that is emerging with the progress made by at least three laboratories. After the hiccups about the masks and the tests, the executive knows that it cannot fail on the subject, especially since the polls show a population skeptical about the interest of being vaccinated (nearly one in two French people is hostile to the vaccine).

The work of reassuring and convincing the French will therefore be at the heart of France’s future vaccine strategy, which Emmanuel Macron should detail. Pharmacists, who are currently vaccinating against the flu, have announced they are volunteering to ” to contribute “.

7:30 p.m. [CULTES] Representatives demand a resumption as of next weekend

During his speech, the Head of State should announce the reopening of worship, with respect for a gauge. The conditions of this resumption were the subject of a discussion Monday, November 23 between the representatives of the main religions and the chief of staff of the Minister of the Interior.

The cults unanimously demanded a resumption of religious celebrations next Saturday, November 28. They had previously sent their proposals for health protocols and suggested reserving a space of 4 m2 per devotee in a place of worship, or failing that for small spaces, a limit of 30 or 50 participants. The gel and the mask will remain de rigueur, and the representatives proposed to add to the official exit certificate a box invoking the religious activity.

⇒ 19 h 15 [COMMERCES] A Ropening under constraints

Emmanuel Macron should allow the French to do their Christmas shopping by reopening so-called “non-essential” businesses, such as bookstores or clothing stores. This reopening could take place as early as this weekend but with a reinforced health protocol which has been the subject of numerous meetings between the government and professional associations.

Most traders do not want access to stores to be conditional on making an appointment and agree to limit the flow of customers depending on the size of the stores. The current gauge, set at one customer for 4 m2, could however be tightened up, moving to one customer for 8 m2. If businesses will be able to reopen, cafes and restaurants should remain closed.

⇒ 7:00 p.m. [NOËL] Will we be able to celebrate the holidays with the family?

At the end of his speech announcing a second confinement of the country, Wednesday, October 28, Emmanuel Macron had warned: if the epidemic situation was under control, “We will see if we can cultivate the hope of celebrating this precious moment of Christmas and the end of the year holidays as a family”. This Tuesday, November 24, the Head of State is expected to announce an easing of the constraints related to confinement.

If Prime Minister Jean Castex has warned that there will be only one “Slight relaxation to confinement” and that the New Years “Are Covid factories”, the French are hoping for a breath of fresh air as the Christmas holidays approach. For its part, the World Health Organization (WHO) has ruled that a Christmas in a small committee, without large family reunions, is undoubtedly “The best option” in these times of pandemic in most countries.


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