Literary Taif announces the printing of 5 collections of poetry by the Farqad group

The President of the Taif Literary and Cultural Club, Mr. Atallah Al-Jaid, announced the club’s initiative to print five poetry collections, representing the first edition of a number of poets from the Farqad Creative Group, on the occasion of World Poetry Day.

This came in the poetry evening, organized by Farqad Creative Group on this occasion, on the ZOOM platform, in which the poet Dr. Muhammad Khairy Al-Imam, the poet Hind Al-Nizari and the poet Abdul Aziz Al-Azouri, and the management of Professor Abdullah Al-Asmari participated.

Al-Juaid said that this initiative comes to encourage young poets to print the first edition of their poetic experience, and to present it to the cultural and literary scene.

The poetry evening of the Farqad group contained a variety of poems, in various poetic purposes, especially patriotic and emotional poems, and at the end of the evening the director of the evening opened the door for interventions and inquiries, by followers on the virtual platform.

In conclusion, Dr. Ahmad al-Hilali, the head of the Farqad Group, spoke in a speech in which he thanked the head of Taif’s literature, for announcing the initiative to print the first edition of a number of Farqad poets, which coincides with International Poetry Day, and the launch of the sectarian Rose Festival.


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