Linking the classification of contractors to violations to improve quality

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing has begun to link the classification of contractors to the violations recorded against them in order to improve performance and raise quality rates, especially in light of frequent complaints about the poor efficiency of construction and basic works in some buildings.

The ministry called on all contractors to visit the ministry’s website to verify the violations observed on their facilities and work to correct them so as not to affect them in the field of government competitions.

According to the ministry, the total number of classified contractors is 2,183, 345 of whom are in buildings, 264 in electrical works, water and sewage works, 234 contractors, roads, 215 contractors, mechanical works 190, and electronic works 131 contractors.

The list also includes landscaping gardens, organizing sites 115, communications technology 104, city cleanliness, waste disposal 79, building maintenance 78, maintenance of medical centers 59, road maintenance 39, maintenance and operation of electrical works 30, and maintenance and operation of mechanical works by 25 contractors.

This comes as the total contracting companies and establishments amount to more than 166 thousand companies and establishments, the majority of which are sub-contractors. Raising the level of real Saudization in the sector after monitoring many violations in the past years, especially in the settlement of women.

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