Linking contractors’ violations to the electronic classification system

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing announced the start of linking the violations recorded on contractors to the electronic classification system. The situation, and the Council of Ministers, last August, approved the contractor classification system, which depends on the technical evaluation and includes the technical specializations of the workers in the facility according to the sector, years of experience for cadres, the level of wages for workers, the Saudization rate, and the percentage of Saudi women workers.

As for the credit assessment, it includes administrative governance, risk management, enterprise income sources, fixed and variable assets, and publishing periodic performance reports. The system targets 7 sectors, namely: construction, operation, maintenance and services, communications and information technology, real estate development, exhibitions and conferences, and consulting facilities. The engineering and food and catering sector, and the minister or whomever he delegates shall issue a decision to classify the contractor in the field and the degree to which he is entitled, based on the available information and data, and a certificate shall be granted according to the period specified in the regulation. If two or more contractors jointly implement a project, it must be Each of them is classified in the field of project implementation, and at least one of them is classified in the field and the degree required for its implementation, and that the degree of classification of the remaining dependents is the same as required for the implementation of the project or only one degree lower. Amending the classification certificate according to the cases specified by the regulation.

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