Linkedin: Data of 700 million users for sale

Professional emails, phone numbers, salary estimates… all this information was accumulated by a hacker and offered for sale in a dark web forum.

According to cybersecurity website RestorePrivacy, a hacker offered data for sale on a popular hacker forum, exposing a sample of data from 1 million users.

RestorePrivacy analyzed the nature of the stolen data: email addresses, identity, phone numbers, postal address, salary estimates, and social media account identifiers and found that this data was original and actually came from LinkedIn accounts.

500 million

Last April, 500 million users of the social network witnessed their data breach, and according to another cybersecurity site, PrivacySharks, this new sale appears to be a backlog of data from previous leaks.

LinkedIn said in a statement, “We want to be clear that this is not a data breach and that no private data of LinkedIn members was disclosed. Earlier this year in April 2021. In other words “hackers cheated”, that is, they used publicly available information on Linkedin and compiled it into a single list.


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