Life of the Church. The Church must question herself deeply

(…) Many will not come back. The rules of distancing, however well applied, show it: the gaps are already there. But the Church, again and again, seems to persevere in seeking the causes of disaffection, estrangement, elsewhere than at Her … materialism, relativism, secularism, hedonism, etc. Waiting for the “next days” that will never come is not courageous, nor very “productive”: the Church, we together, who must question ourselves deeply, finally learns to do so to live a free synodality. , open which trusts the “flair” of the faithful. Does she only want it? In any case, its masses display on Facebook, YouTube… or in streaming the face of a clerical Church appearing to be happy to be so. Its Internet interactivity is offered, not to hear the questions of the baptized shaken by a clerical Church responsible for crimes, and not more to allow a feedback of their experiences during this health crisis… but to collect their offerings. Those who stayed, never left or will return, had imagined something else. They are waiting, no doubt asking that we seek with them how to open a future to their Church. They ask that the invitations to change from Pope Francis do not serve as an alibi for the wait-and-see attitude and lack of imagination of the episcopal body, their propensity to refer to “higher”, “further” the examination of questions. , to silence the questions that “annoy”.

Patrice Dunois-Canette


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