Let’s play collectively

What can we wish together for this year which begins in a climate of concern when, once again, the pandemic saturates hospitals, upsets our social habits, stirs up opposition? Yes, what can the angry antivax and all those waiting patiently (im) patiently for their third dose to stop Delta and Omicron, the Macronists and the Melenchonists, wish each other? But also city dwellers by bike and rural people by car, wind power activists and nuclear supporters, vegetarians and carnivores, Paris Saint-Germain supporters and Olympique Lyonnais aficionados, those who believe in God and those who do not (or no longer) believe in it? So what do they have to say to each other and more to hope for, all these French people who seem divided into so many citadels, impregnable and irreconcilable? Nothing, if we refer to the flow of the media debate, which seems to seal the death of the collective …

In its modest measure, it is nevertheless this virtue in which Virginie Efira wants to believe in this final issue of La Croix L’Hebdo dated 2021. The actress admits it: younger, she dreamed of notoriety. Of course, she savored it, but what fills her today is the collective adventure. Strive, together, towards the same goal. For the Franco-Belgian, the aspiration materializes on the big screen. But for all of us, what is the common driving force? What pushes us to surpass ourselves individually to better build this collective, which would almost become a bad word? Tidy up, for example?

No, this is not a joke. The future of the planet is also played out behind a heap of plastic toys, too many clothes that are seldom worn, shoes that lie dormant in closets. We are willing to bet that the very funny dossier of Aziliz Claquin on this very serious subject will convince the most skeptics. So what if everyone started 2022 by decluttering? Of his crowd of useless objects, of his ready-made ideas, too. To get back to basics and better open up to others? Happy New Year to all!


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