Les 2 Alfred, Sans un noise 2, La Nurée… The films to see or avoid this week at the cinema

Two sensory experiences to share in the cinema, the Podalydès brothers in great shape and a first film just fine… What should we see this week? The editorial selection of the Figaro.

To have

Sound of Metal , a drama by Darius Marder, 2h00

In Sound of Metal, the first feature film by Darius Marder unveiled at the Deauville Festival, the British of Pakistani origin makes the shattering demonstration. Peroxidized hair, woody body covered with tattoos, he plays Ruben, the drummer of a metal band that travels the United States with his fiancée and singer, Lou. Success seems close at hand when Ruben develops a sudden hearing loss. The doctors are categorical: it will become total. On the pleas of Lou and his sponsor, the former drug addict was admitted to Joe’s deaf rehabilitation center (Paul Raci, theater veteran raised by deaf parents) to avoid any relapse and prepare for the inevitable. . The viewer begins a sensory and immersive odyssey in a world of muffled and sizzling sounds. The wonderful work – Oscar for best sound – of Nicolas Becker and his team who dare the beaches of silence marries the intensity of Riz Ahmed, who has collected a historic nomination for best actor. His eyes feverish with anger is scrutinized by a camera alert to the slightest movements and vibrations. As if one direction took over from the other. CJ

The 2 Alfred , a comedy by Bruno Podalydès, 1h32

With The 2 Alfred, the Podalydès brothers give it their all, rediscover the alacrity of Versailles Left bank, string of gags and misunderstandings. The world of work is a smiling and colorful hell. Fear explains the relationships. Hypocrisy is the order of the day. Poor Alexander, the hero, whose main qualities are ” honesty, kindness and a taste for delirium“. Go get a CDD, with that. The film gallops, between two rides in the public garden, an impromptu tap dance act in a street at night. It is a world where technology is panicking, but where love remains possible once pregnancy tests and bottles are accepted. Here is finally a comedy in which to laugh without blushing, which possesses the lucid tenderness of a Sempé. The debonair Bruno gives the reply to his brother Denis. Their complicity is a pleasure to see. Kiberlain is above all praise in this role of fake Cruella soon overtaken by her feelings. The cinema is made for dancing a slow on If You Leave Me Now next to a broken down car. The slogan of the summer? ” Two Alfreds, or nothing.

Without a sound 2 , a fantastic film by John Krasinski, 1h37

After the surprise success ofWithout a sound, first installment in 2018, actor-director John Krasinski signs an uninhibited sequel, and perhaps even deeper, to his horrific thriller. A Quiet Place (original title that could be translated as ” A peaceful place”) Started from a simple principle: the world suddenly sees a terrifying, invisible threat swarming over it, materialized by creatures endowed with perfect pitch. Suddenly, in a screaming nation where all voices have grown accustomed to being thunderous, the silence is golden. To survive, humans are forced to tone down all the sounds they ordinarily make at the top of their lungs. An America suddenly forced into silence, doomed to listen to the murmur of others, the subcutaneous allegory was clever and surprising … Atmospheric film, the skilful staging of which allows maximum tension, Without a sound 2must be seen in a movie theater. Because in the same way that the protagonists become meticulous even in the smallest gestures of daily life, the spectators are attentive to the slightest variation of the soundtrack. They become aware of the reactions of their neighbors in the room. This collective emotion, heightened tenfold by the subtle silence of the film, is far better than the classic hubbub of streaming horror films. OD

Sixteen spring , a drama by Suzanne Lindon, 1h14

For her first production, Suzanne Lindon finds the right tone, the personal note. His film is a watercolor, rocked by Christophe, Boris Vian or Vincent Delerm. She passed herGrenadine diabolo . To be in love consists in clicking in the void your four-color pen, in ordering toast with strawberry jam, in nodding your head in time to opera arias. She is happy, no longer touches the ground, dances alone in the street. She films what she knows, the family, the bistros, a poster of Pialat which bears her first name. Paris becomes once again this magical setting where feelings exist as if they had been invented yesterday. Modesty is the rule. It’s not about redo Lolita , just keep that fake diary. Of all this, he will have memories. She will snuggle up against them in the winter when she is very old. For now, she will grow up. This is all the harm we wish him. The children of bourgeois also have the right to tell about their emotions. Is it a sin to be born in the 6e borough? Lightness, grace, disenchantment, perhaps French cinema has just found its Sagan. It was time. IN

Night doctor , a drama by Elie Wajeman, 1h22

In Night doctor , Vincent Macaigne is unrecognizable as a night owl, a doctor who travels the streets of northeastern Paris by car to treat strangers and drug addicts. Mickaël, his character, is not an angel either. He deals in Subutex to pay the debts of his pharmacist cousin, Dimitri (Pio Marmaï), in business with a threatening Georgian – Wajeman is not inventing anything, such trafficking to Eastern countries exists. As if his night was not hectic enough, Mickaël makes the big difference between his wife (Sarah Le Picard) and his mistress (Sara Giraudeau), who is none other than Dimitri’s fiancée. But Night doctoris not a vaudeville. It’s a film noir, tense, nervous, reminiscent of the James Gray of Little odessa and the Jacques Audiard of The Beat That My Heart Skipped . “A Dostoevskian character, in search of redemption, a night addict who goes to day”,Macaigne said. Like any good thriller, the film is a Greek tragedy, respecting the rule of three units (place, time, action) and the fatumas a happy ending. Heavy leather coat as if he were weighted with the misery of the world, suitcases under his eyes, slicked back hair and gun in hand, Macaigne’s metamorphosis is impressive. ES

You can see

An angry man , a crime fiction by Guy Ritchie, 1h59

In 2003, Nicolas Boukhrief producedThe Conveyor, sticky and well done thriller with Albert Dupontel and Jean Dujardin. A story of money carriers and robbers. Almost twenty years later, Guy Ritchie puts his British humor on the mute to shoot the remake with the monolithic Jason Statham and means multiplied by 1000. The result is neither outrageous nor astounding. ES

To avoid

5th set , a sports drama by Quentin Reynault, 1h53

Going from Novak Djokovic to Alex Lutz, the level inevitably drops. Magic of cinema (coach and digital), the actor did not know how to hold a racket before playing Thomas, former tennis hope (Gasquet in blond) who is trying a comeback at Roland Garros (qualifying). Credible painting of the daily life of an ordinary player, the film struggles to transcend its documentary aspect (despite Kristin Scott Thomas as a castrating mother). And confirms that tennis is almost infilmable in the cinema. Unless your name is Hitchcock (watch the thriller ofThe Unknown of the Nord-Express). ES

The Cloud , a fantastic drama by Just Philippot, 1h40

Virginie, a farmer and single mother, entered the edible grasshopper business to save her farm from bankruptcy. But her interest in these orthoptera confined in this greenhouse in the shape of a geodesic dome is becoming more and more strange … For her first film, Just Philippot wanted to do too much. Who too kisses badly embraces says the proverb. The Cloud is a multi-hybridization between the family film, the social chronicle, the fantastic thriller, all immersed in horror drama. Between Cronenberg’s Fly, Hitchcock’s Birds, Hubert Charuel’s Little Peasant, the viewer is drowned in references. If the stridulations of the animals are threatening, the clumsiness and the lack of means finally prevail. Pity. OD


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