L’Équipier, Decision to Leave, Freewheeling… Films to see or avoid this week

A crazy race in the heart of the Tour de France 1998, an urban thriller by Park Chan-wook or an intimate comedy with Marina Fois and Benjamin Voisin. What to see this week? Discover the cinema selection of Figaro.

The Teammate – Have

Drama by Kieron J. Walsh, 1:35.

In 1998, the Tour de France set off from Dublin. This is the first time that the start of the Grande Boucle has taken place outside continental Europe. The jubilation, the intoxication and very quickly the hangover. 1998 is the year of the Festina affair. The Teammate retraces those days when the little queen took on the air of a big lie. It does this through believable fiction and through a beautiful ordinary runner character. Dominique Chabrol is a “team member”, a “water carrier” (in English, they are called “servants”). He is at the service of the team, in particular of its leader. Here, Lupo “Tartare” Marino, arrogant and fiery Italian. Helping Tartare to urinate without getting off the bike, countering an attack, or going down the peloton to boost the morale of the little youngster who is feeling slack, Dom accomplishes these dirty tasks without complaining. The road is his job. The Yellow Jersey turns heads. Kieron J. Walsh does not judge. It shows champions caught up in the mad rush of a deadly “program”. ES

Decision to leave – Have

Drama/Thriller by Park Chan-wook, 2h18.

His nights are longer than his days. The doctor calculated: this Busan policeman wakes up forty-seven times an hour. Might as well stay up. Hae-joon takes the opportunity to multiply the hideouts in the dark. He has his work cut out for him. His latest case is, shall we say, bizarre. The corpse of a mountaineer is found at the foot of a rocky peak. A priori, it is a banal accident. Not so sure. Why not a suicide? The hypothesis is to be considered. Things get complicated with the wife of the deceased. No apparent emotion. The day after the accident, she resumed her work, which consists of massaging lonely old ladies. A detail disturbs the inspector: she has a scratch on her hand. There is not just that. Over the interrogations, the cop falls in love with the suspect. That’s not going to make the investigation any easier.

Park Chan-wook, the director of this urban thriller offers sudden escapes to the sea or the mountains. The feelings are of a constant photogeny. The plot meanders, with its pitfalls, its dead ends. It’s a maze of assumptions, an ocean of beauty cradled by 5e Symphony of Mahler, in which one loses oneself with enchantment. As with Proust, the character dries up for someone who is not his type. So he continues to watch her at the bottom of his building, desperately looking for her on a beach at low tide. There are days when we say to ourselves that, yes, cinema is definitely an art. Hover. IN

Between life and death – Have

Drama/Thriller by Giordano Gederlini, 1h35.

It’s the kind of thriller, tense and sticky, from which you don’t come out unscathed. Between life and death features a silent, exhausted, disillusioned protagonist, direct heir to the heroes we saw in the American thrillers of the 1970s. The story takes the viewer to Brussels. A confined megalopolis filmed as the New York of French Connection by William Friedkin. Leo Castaneda (Antonio de la Torre, as magnetic and tortured as Roy Scheider) is a Spaniard with a troubled past, who became a simple driver on line 6 of the Brussels metro. One evening, he meets the feverish and familiar gaze of a young man left alone at the edge of the quay. The boy voluntarily disappears under the tracks… OD

Freewheeling – You can see

Comedy by Didier Barcelo, 1h29.

For his first film, Didier Barcelo signs an intimate comedy in the form of a mobile camera, full of charm and comicality. There is something of a salutary leap forward in this whimsical trip with tender and breathtaking humor. We meet Paul, a psychiatrist in a hurry (formidable Benjamin Voisin who continues his irresistible ascent) and an electrosensitive hitchhiker (Marina Foïs perfect as an exhausted nurse, divorced mother and on the verge of a nervous breakdown). All these beautiful people are gently driving towards Cap-Ferret. And we finally understand that the feeling of freedom can sometimes be born in the confinement of sheets and bolts of an old jew’s harp… OD

Crossing – You can see

Comedy by Varante Soudjian, 1 h 45.

As much to say it right away, we are far from that of Claude Autant-Lara with Bourvil and Jean Gabin! This crossing, signed Varante Soudjian, features neighborhood educators (Lucien Jean-Baptiste and Audrey Pirault) who take five teenagers out of school to the high seas to develop their team spirit and teach them the values ​​of the sea. , barely arrived at the port, the group comes across a former BAC skipper (Alban Ivanov, very funny) who has left everything to flee the suburbs. This small world finds itself forced to leave for a trip to the sea for a fortnight which could change them for good… The cruise is a bit of fun, despite the ocean of clichés it carries in its large-mesh nets . OD

Goodnight Soldier – To avoid

Drama by Hiner Saleem, 1:37.

Avdal dreams of marrying Ziné, a soldier fighting against Daesh. The bad understanding between their families thwarts their love, just like the religion which still dictates its law in Iraqi Kurdistan. This melodrama which borrows from comedy does not touch much. We would have quickly turned away from the fate of the lovebirds without the talent and the great beauty of the actress Dilin Doger. BP

Black Notebooks 1 & 2 – To be avoided

Documentaries by Shlomi Elkabetz, 1:48 and 1:40.

In 2016, the great Israeli actress Ronit Elkabetz (Alila, My Treasure) succumbed to cancer at the age of 51. With her brother, Shlomi, she signs a trilogy inspired by her parents (take a wife, The Seven Days, The Trial of Viviane Amsalem). From rushes and family films, Shlomi pays homage to him in a diptych reserved for his admirers. E. S.

Irreducible – To avoid

Comedy by Jérôme Commandeur, 1 h 26.

What apropos! While the pandemic has recalled the need for a strong public service (caregivers, teachers, police), Jérôme Commandeur targets civil servants, corrupt, profiteers and idlers. A comedy worthy of a sketch by Les Chevaliers du Fiel. E. S.


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