Le bal des folles: Mélanie Laurent against patriarchy on Amazon Prime Video

CRITICAL – The actress adapts the novel by Victoria Mas on the fate of patients and guinea pigs in a macho psychiatry. An edifying painting of the Belle Époque but too didactic on its end.

I started with a story of witches in the Middle Ages, then my producer Alain Goldman put Victoria Mas’ book in my hands. I was horrified to realize that from XIIIe century to XIXe, the condition of women had not changed. That we reduce to silence those who wanted to bring the contradiction “, confides to Figaro Melanie Laurent. The star ofInglourious Basterds fits for Amazon Prime Video The Bal des folles. His sixth achievement. This edifying dive into the macho origins of psychiatry and the Belle Époque has just been honored at the Toronto Festival.

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Paris. 1885. Young woman of the Parisian upper middle class, Eugénie (Lou de Laage) refuses to marry and displays a nonconformism which paralyzes her parents. When she said she communicated with the deceased, her father had her admitted to Pitié-Salpêtrière in psychiatry. Downhill

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