Launching the technical regulations for implementing the state’s unified treasury account

The National Center for Government Resources Systems, in partnership with the Ministry of Finance, the National Center for Debt Management and the Saudi Central Bank, launched the Treasury Management Technical System at the Ministry of Finance, and the National Debt Management Center’s technical system, as part of the center’s efforts to promote digital transformation in government resource management, in accordance with the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. The head of the Steering Committee at the Ministry of Finance – Abdulaziz Al-Fraih emphasized that the treasury management system is one of the main enablers to implement the initiative to improve cash management and apply the state’s unified treasury account to achieve financial sustainability, by providing a unified centralization of all state revenues and expenditures.

In turn, the CEO of the National Center for Government Resource Systems, Ahmed Al-Soyyan, indicated that the establishment of the center is the culmination of the efforts of the Ministry of Finance over 4 years to achieve digital transformation, and that the launch of technical systems comes within the commitment of the National Center for Government Resources Systems and its continuous efforts to push the wheel of digital transformation in Various government resource paths, and the treasury management system aims at managing liquidity and cash flows, managing investments and risks, instant transfers and settlements, managing cash forecasts, in addition to following up on direct settlements processes for state accounts at the Saudi Central Bank, and the system also contributes to enabling the implementation of the unified treasury account initiative, And follow-up of receipts deposits and payments directly.

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