Launching the second edition of the “Artistic Residency.. Al Balad” program

Today, the Ministry of Culture announced the launch of the second edition of the “Artistic Residency Program.. Al-Balad” in Historic Jeddah, which includes a series of fully-funded periodic art residencies, which provide time, space and opportunities for cooperation for art professionals in the field of visual arts to support their creative development, in an atmosphere conducive to on artistic production.

The Ministry provided the opportunity to participate in the first courses of the second edition of the program, by applying to Email Link During a registration period extending from today until January 10, 2022 AD.

The historic Ribat Al-Khunji building, located in the heart of historic Jeddah, will host the artistic residency program. It has been deserted since that time until it recently started hosting various cultural events after the Ministry of Culture prepared it for that.

It is scheduled that the program participants will be selected from among the applicants, after evaluating a committee composed of experts and specialists, who will consider the applications and select the candidates.

The work of the program will start in 2022 through four cycles, each of which lasts 6 weeks, where the first cycle will take place from March 3 to April 14, while the second cycle will take place from May 15 to June 23, and the third from July 21 to September 1, then the fourth during From September 18 to October 30, each session includes art residencies for six resident artists from the Kingdom and three international artists in residence.

This art residency provides support to artists and art professionals wishing to develop their creative research projects by providing opportunities to work alongside colleagues, other professionals, experts and members of local communities, thus creating a dynamic environment for critical, technical and professional growth within a collaborative exchange model.

The program targets emerging and mid-career artists, curators, and writers (critics and art historians) in the field of visual arts, from within Saudi Arabia and around the world, who are motivated to explore ways in which their creative work can be applied to the local context.

The artistic residency program also provides a studio for artists, accommodation in shared accommodation within walking distance of the studios, and a stipend to cover living expenses and travel costs, and allows artists the opportunity to apply for financial support to finance the production of their art projects, where the amount will be determined on a project-by-project basis. Depending on the actual needs of the artists’ projects.

When applying to the program, candidates must provide clear information about professional experiences, interests and creative practices.

They must also demonstrate any recent active artistic practice by providing a description of the most recent projects, exhibitions, texts, publications, and research they have worked on or participated in, and they must mention the motivation that led them to seek registration in artistic residency programs. More details on application requirements and eligibility criteria can be found on the website.

The “Artistic Residency Program.. Al-Balad” program is part of the initiatives of the Quality of Life Program, “one of the programs to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.”

Its second edition comes after the success of the Ministry of Culture in organizing the first edition in 2020, in which it hosted an elite group of creators, and provided them with supporting capabilities to develop their passion and artistic practices.


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