Launching the first phase of applications to improve the quality of life in Makkah

The Saudi Society for Quality, Makkah Al-Mukarramah Branch, launched the first phase of the Quality Applications Program to improve the quality of life, yesterday, Tuesday, from a distance.

This program is part of the association’s new strategy. It is a rehabilitation program in quality standards, which aims to improve the life of the individual, the family, the community and its institutions, to contribute to the creation of more vital options that enhance a positive lifestyle, and increase the positive interaction of the individual with the community for sustainable community development.

The inauguration began with a speech by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Quality Society branch in the Makkah region, Dr. Khaled Al-Akwa, in which he reviewed the most important stages and achievements of the branch of the Saudi Quality Society in the Makkah region.

After that, the Executive Director of the Society, Dr. Marzouq Al-Fahmy, gave an introductory presentation of the Saudi Quality Society, its vision and objectives, and the committees of the Society’s branch in the Makkah region, and the tasks of these committees. He stated that the Society worked within its new strategy to form specialized voluntary committees, in the areas of institutional communication, education, Hajj and Umrah, health, services, creativity and innovation.

It was announced that the association was honored for outstanding quality leadership in the first stage, namely, Dalal bint Abdullah Al-Qahtani, “Certificate of Educational Quality Leader” Ali bin Khalaf Al-Zahrani, “Certificate of Educational Quality Leader”.

After that, the association’s training director, Abdul Majeed Al-Najjar, gave a detailed presentation on the quality applications program to improve the quality of life. Then Mr. Abdul Basit Khan, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, presented the first scientific paper of the program, in which he spoke about the Saudi Quality Certificate for the Beneficiary Service Centers “Hayyak”. At the end of the meeting, many interventions, inquiries and questions were received from the attendees, and they were answered.

The opening sessions were moderated by the head of the Institutional Communication Committee, Mervat Mahmoud Tayeb, and the opening meeting was attended by a large presence, and this indicates the extent of the majority’s keenness to attend such meetings that are beneficial for the individual, family and society in general.


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