Lady of the Sea represents the kingdom in the Oscars

The Film Commission announced the nomination of the feature film “Lady of the Sea” to formally represent the Kingdom in the upcoming Oscar competition for the best international film category, which was nominated by a specialized committee. The film will compete with nominated films from the rest of the world, and it will go through several stages of screening before the announcement of the final list that will be chosen by the American Academy of Sciences and Arts, which will award the Oscars, and the winner of which will be announced at the 93rd edition that will be held on April 25, 2021.

“Lady of the Sea” by director Shahd Amin was shown for the first time at the prestigious Venice Film Festival and won the “Verona” award for creative expression, and was shown in other international festivals besides being shown inside the Kingdom in commercial cinemas, and it narrates – in a visual form. Jamali- The story of a girl who seeks to confront a popular legend that controls her destiny.

Regarding her film nomination to represent the Kingdom in the Oscar competition, Shahd Amin says: “It exceeded my best expectations, especially as an Arab director.” Adding that she made the movie “Lady of the Sea” in order to be fun, and it is being watched by many to become a catalyst for dialogue about the roles of women in society and the Arab world. “The process of producing the film was a personal experience for me, and I am very proud of choosing the film to represent my country on this one. The global platform, and I hope that the wonderful journey that this film has made will be an inspiration to my fellow Saudi directors and directors, to move forward in their successful experiences. ”


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