La Mif, Goliath… The films to see or avoid this week

The daily life of young girls suffering in a home, a thriller on the victims of pesticides… What should we see this week? Discover the cinema selection of Figaro.

The Mif – To have

Drama by Frédéric Baillif, 1H50

Without warning, the spectator plunges into the heart of the action, embarked on a fight in the hallway between several residents, who scream, struggle, cry, and finally see one of their own leave in a police car.
Filmed at night, this first sequence destabilizes but provokes the irresistible desire to know more. Who are these young girls from diverse backgrounds, gathered in a home, and surrounded by educators overwhelmed by the magnitude of the incident. Why are they so on edge? Awarded last year at the Berlinale, this energetic film follows the daily life of a home where they try to give a framework to young girls in suffering. A surprising success by the Genevan Frédéric Baillif both in terms of form and content. OD

Best – You can see

Drama by Marion Desseigne Ravel, 1h20

To escape the summer boredom of their neighborhood, Nedjma and her friends find themselves on the pink bench in their square. It is their territory. So when Zina sits there, a neighborhood news and cousin to a rival gang, war between the two groups is inevitable. And the love story, impossible. For her first feature film, Marion Desseigne Ravel subtly tackles the issue of homosexuality in a working-class neighborhood. Lina El Arabi aptly embodies the character of Nedjma, a teenager losing her bearings in the face of this budding and unexpected love. ah

Goliath – You can see

Thriller by Frédéric Tellier, 2h02

Tetrazine does not exist. Yet it looks like any substance used to eradicate parasites in crops. In any case, it produces the same effects on those who are exposed to it: armless babies, cancers of the lymphatic system, etc.
Patrick represents precisely one of the victims of this poisoning due to pesticides. He is a lawyer, specialist in environmental law. He has the face of Gilles Lellouche, disheveled hair, cigarette at the edge of the lips, feverish and tired. The film folder is heavy to carry on his shoulders. Especially since he is facing a giant of agrochemicals, represented by a duo of unscrupulous lobbyists. Pierre Niney, assisted by his former comrade from the Comédie-Française Laurent Stocker, plays a handsome bastard. This paranoid thriller by Frédéric Tellier about the victims of pesticides is too scattered to be convincing. Despite the Gilles Lellouche-Pierre Niney duel. E.S.

Small type – To avoid

Drama by Samuel Theis

In Party Girl, Samuel Theis was filming his mom, a sixty-year-old party girl in a cabaret on the Franco-German border (Caméra d’or for best first film at Cannes in 2014). In Small type, he stages in Lorraine Johnny, ten years old, blond and long hair, in a housing project. Between a stupid big brother, a cute little sister, a picky mother, Johnny can count on Monsieur Adamski, a benevolent master who believes in him. Johnny falters, comes to vomit up his family and fall in love with his teacher. Theis films the beginnings of a class defector. It’s like being in a novel by Nicolas Mathieu (the superb Their children after them, Connemara). The breath of the writer is missing, and paradoxically the incarnation, stronger in the books of the Prix Goncourt 2018.



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