La Fine Fleur: la vie en roses by Catherine Frot

CRITICAL – Graceful comedy and deeper than it seems, La Fine Fleur, by Pierre Pinaud, offers the actress a golden role and the spectators a plunge into the mysteries of the hybridization of flowers.

We believed that La Fine Fleur, second film by Pierre Pinaud (Tell me about yourself, in 2012) would send spectators to the roses of heavy French comedy. As surprising as it may seem, we escape the thorns.

Hardly have we heard the heroine’s van backfiring, late for the international rose competition organized by the Jardins de Bagatelle, than we understand: the troubles are piling up above Eve Vernet, horticulturalist eccentric who no longer has the means to take himself for the rose of the Little Prince. Catherine Frot is all about her business in this type of role. She excels as a haughty bourgeois with a big heart. With conviction, and that touch of contained emotion that makes all the difference, she embodies this stubborn, brilliant rose grower, who has long been the largest … but whose small farm is about to be bought by the Lamarzelle house, cunningly directed by the excellent Vincent Dedienne.

One fine morning, Nadège, Samir and

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