La Daronne, Coco, One Night in Miami … Online movies to watch or not to watch this week

During this health crisis and the closing of cinemas, the editorial staff Figaro offers you every Wednesday a selection of new products available on streaming platforms or VOD.

Le Figaro offers you its selection of films released this week online, on VOD or on streaming platforms.

A must see

Coco, a piece of jewelry signed by Pixar

Sometimes it is appropriate to let a story settle, so that it can gain intensity. Directors Adrian Molina and Lee Unkrich (previously author of the very moving Toy story 3) had the wisdom to spend six years deepening the project and refining the script. Well took them. The film is splendid and reserves a last third on the thread of emotion, which will push some spectators to take out their handkerchiefs. Coco’s story sets up a young hero, Miguel. For several generations now, music has been banned from his family. Which turns out to be a real heartbreak for him because he feels that deep inside him an instinct pushes him to become a musician, like the famous mariachi Ernesto de la Cruz, who has decided to give up everything to give free rein to his passion for music.

Available on Disney + from January 15

The mum, a comedy with Isabelle Huppert

Patience Portefeux (Isabelle Huppert) bears her first name badly: she has some “tired of everything”. Feels weary of his rather lonely existence. She lost her husband several years ago. And watch over his mother installed in an Ehpad. Fortunately, she sees her two balanced daughters growing up. And appreciates his work. Patience is a Franco-Arab judicial interpreter for the narcotics brigade. She is also close to her boss, who has the advantage of being in love with her (Hippolyte Girardot). But the cup is not full enough for Patience, who is waiting for something else in life. Something that excites her, transports her, helps her find a place, her own. His childhood is no stranger to his quest. The spark flew without warning. Following a combination of circumstances, she finds herself at the heart of drug trafficking. Outlaw. Transvestite in “Village girl” as Isabelle Adjani in The world is yours , by Romain Gavras, in 2018. Roll the police and thieves.

Available on Canal VOD, Univers Ciné and Orange

You can see

Caramel, a comedy by Nadine Labaki

In a beauty institute in Beirut, five women meet regularly. In this place mixing several generations, the stories of each are told and intersect. With this light comedy released in 2007, Nadine Labaki sheds light on the place of women in a changing Lebanon.

Available on Arte.TV

One Night in Miami …, a fake biopic by Regina King

Oscar-winning actress Regina King’s debut film. The action takes place in Miami one evening in 1964. That day the young Cassius Clay becomes world boxing champion, heavyweight category. A victory that he cannot celebrate as it should in the company of other athletes because of racial segregation. So the man joins his friends, activist Malcolm X, singer Sam Cooke and football star Jim Brown to draw the outlines of a new world.

Available on Amazon Prime January 15.

To avoid

100% organic, a comedy by Fabien Onteniente with Didier Bourdon

A Parisian physiotherapist from the 11th arrondissement vegan meets his stepfather, a butcher by profession. In the Basque Country, the two will wage a merciless war to convince the other to adopt the right diet. A quarrel which takes place under the gaze of Marie (wife of one and daughter of the other), who initially came to tell her father that she was pregnant.

Available in replay on France TV


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