Kuwait Talabat concludes its Ramadan charitable initiatives with a donation of more than 53,000 meals

Talabat Company has devoted its application to giving back and helping the needy during the month of Ramadan, by working with more than 15 charitable societies in the markets in which it operates, as it enables customers to contribute and donate to a large number of charitable projects through the application.

The «requests» facilitated the donation of more than 53 thousand meals in Kuwait during the blessed month of Ramadan through the initiative Ramadan at the gates and the Giving Friday initiative.

Talabat has partnered with the Kuwaiti non-profit platform, Give, to help communities and families in need inside Kuwait by launching Ramadan initiatives, through which customers can donate Ramadan meals and Ramadan food baskets to help provide them to the needy.

From April 1 to April 10, the company launched the “Give” initiative, “Ramadan is just around the corner”, which allowed customers to donate to the Ramadan Baskets Fund of the Charitable Development Association, and donated the value of the same customer contributions during it.

The company stated that on Fridays during the blessed month of Ramadan, and when the customer completed his request on the “Talabat” platform, a pop-up message appeared informing him about the details of the “Friday of Giving” campaign that the platform launched in cooperation with the “Give” company.

Every Friday during the holy month of Ramadan, “Talabat” redirected every customer who wishes to contribute and donate to the “Give” platform to donate to the project and the destination that the customer chooses.

The Director of Communications and Government Relations Department at Talabat Kuwait, Abdullah Al-Mansour, said that the company chose this year to devote its platform to giving back to the community through a strategic partnership with “Give”, expressing its pride in the customers’ participation and their human sentiment towards disadvantaged families and enabling them to contribute and donate during the month. Virtue.

Al-Mansour added that Talabat, as an active member of society, will continue to play its role in helping the needy and being present when needed over time.

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