King Abdulaziz Library issues dreams of future leaders

King Abdulaziz Public Library has released the latest cultural and artistic book that deals with the future world that today’s children await, entitled “Dreams of Future Leaders.”

The launch of the new book in its field comes within the context of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hosting the G20 summit, which is held in Riyadh on November 21-22, and includes a group of paintings drawn by a group of children. Messengers of love and peace from multiple countries, also includes 19 paintings painted with feathers of creative children from different countries of the Group of Twenty, who came from diverse cultures, and an exquisite human heritage, and used the language of drawing with feathers and colors, and they swam their imaginations to express their small dreams, and the book collected those paintings to be a window. Through it, knowing their aspirations and goals in life, and helping them to be a real reality in the near future.

The paintings’ topics varied, as they dealt with poverty problems, environmental issues, the use of technology, educational development, family health … and other topics.

The library also gathered children in two meetings, the first in the city of Riyadh, and the second in the Al-Khobar governorate in the Eastern Province, in the presence of mothers and fathers in a warm family atmosphere, in which the sound of the feather and colors prevailed.

This book comes from the publications of the King Abdulaziz Public Library, as a contribution to the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its people, and its cultural and scientific institutions at the exceptional virtual summit of the Group of Twenty held in Riyadh.

And from what came in the introduction to the book: The world today is experiencing fertile years of unprecedented development in all fields: scientific, cultural, social … and others. Thanks to the communication and information technology revolution, which made the world population get to know each other within a global village, coexist peacefully, and negotiate without barriers caused by color, race or geography; To make our practices and outlooks on life more positive and open to others; Life today includes many creative aspects, and diverse common ideas, and we are united towards a single goal, which is everyone’s seizing of the opportunities of the twenty-first century. Drawing is one of the most beautiful arts, and one of the finest means of human communication, and through it it is possible to deliver messages, create new ideas, and address some social, economic, educational and other problems, and today there is no home, school, or hospital without this beautiful art.


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