Kims partners with KidZone to protect children

Kims Telecom has entered into a strategic partnership with KIDZONET to protect children from the dangers of the Internet without the need to install any device at home or the intervention of a programmer.

The partnership will be launched in Kuwait to protect the children of families from any content that includes scenes of violence or indecent scenes, and to protect the user from cybercrimes or electronic harassment, through a digital platform for parents that is easy to use, available through the website and the electronic application that can be managed via mobile.

Abdullah Al-Ajmi

Omar Al-Rashdan, Director of Sales Channels at Kims Telecom Kuwait, said that the digital service provider sector is booming every day, and that Kims Telecom services are characterized by providing a comprehensive and integrated system that includes entertainment and communication services.

Al-Rashdan added that the partnership with “KidZonet” will meet the needs of customers to protect their children from the dangers of the Internet, in accordance with the principles followed to protect them, without prejudice to their rights to use.

He pointed to the availability of the service for Kuwaiti families and customers of “Kims Kuwait”, by calling customer service from inside Kuwait on the number (822) to activate it.

For her part, Mira Al-Hourani, Director of Marketing at KIDZONET, said that a third of Internet users today are children, whose numbers on the Internet have been increased by the “Covid 19” pandemic for the purpose of communication, study and learning, which has led to an increase in cybercrime against them by 300 percent.

Al-Hourani added that all the solutions currently available in the market are products, not services, and require complex technical skills to install, manage and activate them, explaining that the percentage of people using such solutions is small despite the urgent need for them.

And she added that, therefore, “KidZonet” designed a special application that is compatible with the needs of families and societal values, through a subscription with an Internet service provider, noting that parents can manage the service and control its settings from anywhere in the application or website.

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