Keanu Reeves faces nostalgia pills in Matrix Resurrections first trailer

The first images play the card of reconnecting with the past. Simple repetition or “big reset”, the fourth installment of the saga will light up in theaters on December 15th.

Red pill to wake up, blue pill to prolong the dream. In the first Matrix, Keanu Reeves made the choice of cerulean medicine and managed to extricate himself from the illusion of a dreary daily life in which all powerful Machines had rocked him. In the first trailer for Matrix Ressurections, however, his character swallows the blue pills by whole handfuls. Back to square one ?

Out on the edge of the millennium, Matrix posed the framework of a dystopian world in which the Machines, having reached the controllers of the Earth, had subjugated humanity in an ingenious program of virtual reality: the Matrix. Chief liberator of this virtual prison at the end of Matrix Revolutions (2003), Néo (Keanu Reeves) now seems well lost in the first images of the fourth installment of the saga Matrix. Passers-by have their eyes riveted on their laptops and tablets. A psychiatrist (Neil Patrick Harris) begs him not to talk about insanity. A mirror distorts his image. Finally, Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss), his great love of the historical trilogy, does not recognize him. And neither did he.

Neo in Wonderland

The director Lana Wachowski obviously wanted to please the diehards of the anticipation saga, almost twenty years after the last adventures of Neo and his band. Despite the astonishment of the first seconds, almost everything else in this preview seems to reformulate cult scenes from the 1999 film. Here is a Neo who ignores himself and is called Thomas by authority figures, here is a woman with a rabbit white who leads him to a mysterious stranger (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) with dark glasses and fateful pills. Further on, sneak peeks of action scenes bring back other ideas from the first part: Neo plays with his feet and fists in a dojo, Trinity waltzes with the police and bullets. The couple find themselves surrounded atop a New York skyscraper. Tribute or recycling?

History doesn’t quite repeat itself, however. Some flashes of scenes suggest that the hero is no longer the young first of his beginnings. In the dojo, the chosen one seems to surpass his new resistance comrade. Further on, he allows himself to deflect a missile jet. But something is wrong. Amnesia reigns around Neo; the artifice is convenient for relaunching a plot and reintroducing the universe of the film to an audience who would not have seen the previous shutters. Unless it’s a trick, a game of mockery and simulations. “So many years later, back to the starting point! Return to the Matrix! ”exclaims a character. He doesn’t think he is saying so well.

Martial arts, big machines and shootings in slow motion ballets, cryptic dialogues: no doubt, this foretaste of Matrix Resurrections lists without fail the well-established foundations of the trilogy. With its wonderful medley of influences, Matrix first of the name had marked brilliantly the end of its century, at the time of the rapid diffusion of Internet. Will the fourth part be able to reproduce, in 2021, its seductive and anguished vision of an increasingly connected mode? Answer on December 15th.


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