KAUST develops artificial intelligence technologies to support digital health

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) has formally entered into a cooperation agreement with Lynn Business Services, the digital arm of the health sector, to continue research and development activities related to artificial intelligence and data science, with the aim of achieving a “smart healthy” ecosystem. Kevin Cullen, KAUST Vice President for Innovation and Economic Development, said: The global pandemic has propelled innovation in healthcare to the top of the global agenda. He pointed to the importance of partnering with Lynn Business Services in advanced computing to address the enormous volume of healthcare data, and to achieve results that would positively affect the lives of many people.

For his part, Director of Research and Development at Lynn Business Services – Abdullah Al-Zeer said: KAUST gave us access to its distinguished team of leading international researchers, and to its supercomputer Shaheen, to provide the health care sector with insightful and accurate information to put it at the service of informed and informed decision-making, and to make the Kingdom A safer place to live during a pandemic. The partnership between KAUST and Lynn is a natural condition and through their common goal of improving healthcare, Lynn is active in the areas of electronic services, process improvement, data analysis and business efficiency. By leveraging KAUST’s world-leading research in the fields of big data, artificial intelligence, and data science, it can improve these solutions to make significant impacts in the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia by achieving these goals.

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