Karam is an opportunity to showcase innovative Saudi tourism experiences

The Saudi Tourism Authority launched the “Karam” program to promote inspiring tourism experiences presented by creative people, to consolidate the authentic national identity, to show feelings of welcome and hospitality, and to highlight the civilization, culture, heritage, and arts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, historical monuments, modern cities, and an environment. Variety, stunning nature, and a charming atmosphere for tourism, for those with tourist experiences to join.

The “Karam” program is based on the fact that the tourism experience is based on an idea or experience that provides tourists with a set of comprehensive and qualitative services, within the framework of tourism activities, such as visiting a historical or natural landmark, or embarking on an exploratory tour, to learn about the aspects of authentic culture, from Arts, fashion, taste and music, adventure, picnic or shopping. The program was launched by the Tourism Authority, in order for those with rich experiences, efforts and ideas in the field of tourism to join it, from the talents that have been mobilized with the participation of experts in this field, and it provides support, guidance and assistance through training, qualification, refining talents and developing capabilities, to launch in the arena of work, creativity and success. And the participation of the Saudi tourism system in achieving the sector’s goals. The program targets two main categories: the first is “experience providers” who serve the development of the tourism sector in Saudi Arabia, and the second category is “idea owners” who aspire to implement their unique tourism ideas, with an authentic character on the ground. The main focus of the “Karam” program is the search for inspiring and enchanting tourism experiences that take tourists on a journey through which they see “the authentic Saudi heritage” and the “diverse rich culture” spanning the Saudi tourism map, according to the highest standards of luxury, calm and comfort.

Those wishing to join the program can register for the program through the website http://Kiram.sa In five different tracks, namely “heritage, culture and arts”, “taste”, “harmony with nature”, “luxury” and “adventure”. Candidates will be selected and joined through several stages under the supervision of a group of experts and professionals. The field of tourism experiences industry, marketing and entrepreneurship, and it is an opportunity for young men and women to showcase their unique and unconventional tourism innovations and ideas.

“Karam” applies the best international standards to measure the performance of the tourism experience, which will be presented during all stages, in order to ensure the quality of the tourism experience, which will help in achieving the goals of the tourism sector. Therefore, it starts from a base full of rich diversity, with many people with knowledge and experience in the field. Tourism, and contributes to unleashing new perceptions that empower successful people and develop their passion, and support those keen to create their tourism models, which cover all aspects in this vital field. In order to activate the initiative on a large scale, the Saudi Tourism Authority launched the “Karam” program, which is presented by “Anas Iskandar, Fotun Al-Jarallah, and Najla Al-Wadaani”, who travel distances to go through eligible tourism experiences, live the experience in all its details, and transport viewers to the heart of history, And the picturesque Saudi culture and nature.

“Anas Iskandar” describes his experience in “Karam” as distinctive, especially since he had not previously participated in presenting this type of creative TV program template. Behind the scenes discussions about the way to develop the experience in the future, and to communicate it to everyone as a tourism experience worth participating. Fotun Al-Jarallah mentioned that the program helped her discover the Kingdom’s society full of creative tourism experiences, which the Saudi Tourism Authority succeeded in presenting in a new creative template, which the Arab media did not get used to, and to discover the beauty of the breathtaking nature in our country according to innovative tourism experiences.

Najla Al-Wadani confirms that her experience in the television program “Karam” was unique, which allowed her to visit many places and see landscapes that they did not imagine being on the Saudi tourist map, which strengthened the spirit of “exploratory adventure” for both of them. The program gave “Anas Iskandar”, “Fotun Al-Jarallah” and “Najla Al-Wadani” a new dimension in running different tourist experiences, in an innovative, qualitative and inspiring way in terms of ideas, which led them to the depth of tourism in Saudi Arabia, and the beauty of its destinations and experiences Miscellaneous.


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