Kafa’a presents ways to save energy consumption in refrigerators

Specialists at the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center said that the refrigerator is the most functional appliance in your home, indicating that there are ways to save energy consumption before purchasing, and among those methods is to choose the refrigerator of the appropriate size for the family’s need, to avoid consuming more energy than is needed, as well as the acquisition of a refrigerator with the highest efficiency On the efficiency card in the green band, they also stressed the importance of using the Be sure application to verify the validity of the card.

They also showed ways to save energy after purchasing the refrigerator, including removing the refrigerator 10-15 cm from the wall, checking the insulating frame of the refrigerator doors to ensure that the cold does not leak outside or hot air leaks into the interior, and also not to put hot food and drinks directly in the refrigerator. Not to open the doors of the refrigerator and freezer repeatedly unless necessary, to place the refrigerator in the coldest place in the kitchen and to avoid hot locations and sources of heat and light, to maintain the refrigerator permanently and check it,

And being satisfied with one refrigerator with a food freezer, and dispensing with a separate freezer for foods unless absolutely necessary, and finally setting the temperature indicator (thermostat) to a medium degree to keep the food fresh and reduce energy consumption.


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