Kaamelott, Sweet Thing, Old, Space Jam … The movies to see or avoid this week at the cinema

The adaptation of the medieval burlesque series, a father filming his children with love and LeBron James in an animated film … What should we see this week? The editorial selection of the Figaro.

To have

Kaamelott , a comedy by Alexandre Astier, 2h

Arthur Pendragon has been missing for ten years. He is no longer a king. Knight Lancelot usurped power and took his place. This felon, wrapped in a costume reminiscent of Darth Vader, rules the kingdom of Brittany with a steel hand. But rumor has it. Arthur would be back. And it is not to sort the lenses, he says … Finally although, the main character, played by Alexandre Astier in person, brakes four irons in the face of his heroic fate. This is the whole success of this comedy. All the more so as the skilful contrast between chivalrous myth and schoolboy humor constantly underlines the derisory in the face of the grandiose … All its influences digested, diverted, and served on a round table with the splendor of the CinémaScope make Kaamelott a treat that shifts astray between a Sunday picnic and a Lyon-style banquet. The crazy legend continues! OD

The Weasel Conspiracy , a comedy by Juan José Campanella, 2:09

Four old friends share a large house in the country. A kind of nursing home for artists. A director, a screenwriter, an actress and her husband kill time as best they can, between playful activities (billiards, painting), arguments and nostalgia. Old age is a shipwreck. When it concerns movie people, it looks like the Titanic. But a young couple of real estate agents with long teeth, ready to do anything to recover the property, will restore vigor to this quartet of septuagenarians, not the least skilled in pitfalls and twisted blows. Campanella cites Lubitsch as one of her favorite comedy directors. He does not have the same “Touch” than his master. Less lightness, less liveliness. But the acting number of the four headliners is tasty. Graciela Borges, Luis Brandoni, Oscar Martinez and Marcos Mundstock have fun and have fun in this Twilight Boulevard tinged with black humor. É. S.

Sweet Thing , a drama by Alexandre Rockwell, 1h31

Shot in black and white, this low-budget independent film chronicles the summer escape of a sister and baby brother, from a dysfunctional family, to the industrial landscapes of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Sweet Thing features the director’s two children, Lana and Nico Rockwell. His second wife, actress Karyn Parsons, is also a cast member of this endearing comedy-drama. Alexandre Rockwell is a being of paradox: he lovingly films his family while telling the odyssey of two children fleeing a disunited family thanks to a third thief who looks like Peter Pan. OD

You can see

Old , a thriller by M. Night Shyamalan, 1h48

Couple at the end of the line, Guy and Prisca Capa offer their children the ultimate five-star vacation before announcing their separation. Swimming, reading and pâtés quickly disappear from the program when a corpse emerges from the waves. Equally disturbing, toddlers grow before the eyes of terrified adults of tens of centimeters and become teenagers. On this beach, time passes in accelerated fashion. Swinging between the series Lost and Ten little niggers M. Night Shyamalan weaves an outdoor camera. Master of shock and sometimes fake twists, the director who we have known more subtle in his series The Servant confirms his status as a talented but frustrating conjurer. The mechanics are gripping at the time. But once the strings are revealed … CJ

To avoid

Space Jam: New Era , an animated film by Malcolm D.lee, 1h56.

Twenty-five years after Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny and the Looney Toons need another flagship NBA basketball player to save them. No longer aliens, but a bellicose artificial intelligence embodied by Don Cheadle. LeBron James’ relative charisma of good father, distraught by his kid, a genius little developer who hates the orange ball and baskets, struggles to compensate for an ugly and supercharged graphics. The traditional 2D animation of cartoons swears with the 3D passages. There are still fun meta nods to Warner’s other flagship franchises. The adventure is full of references to Game of Thrones, Superman, or Harry potter ; as an unwitting criticism of the lack of imagination in Hollywood. CJ

Spiral: the legacy of Saw , a horror film by Darren Lynn Bousman, 1h33.

The horror franchise reinvents itself and flirts with the sticky black thriller way Se7en. Jamie Foxx leaves his comedic register and lends his features to a disenchanted police officer boiling with rage in the face of a serial killer targeting colleagues from his police station, plagued by corruption. If the performance of the actor convinces, like the portrait of his stormy relationship with his idolized father (a Samuel L. Jackson even more taciturn than usual), Spiral suppose all the same to have a good stomach. The murders and acts of torture committed by this disciple and copycat of Jigsaw, aka the puzzle killer, remain as excruciating and bloody as in the previous eight films. And his identity not so complicated to unravel. CJ


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