Kaamelott: Premier Volet, a promising trailer and first extract

After a short scene broadcast on Sunday, showing a discussion between Alain Chabat and Geraldine Nakache, Alexandre Astier unveiled a trailer this Monday afternoon. While waiting for the theatrical release on July 21.

After a silent teaser in January and the full cast posters, Alexandre Astier continues to teaser his long-awaited film, Kaamelott: First part. This time, it is an extract featuring him himself, accompanied by Alain Chabat and Geraldine Nakache that he unveiled on Sunday, as well as a trailer of almost two minutes this Monday afternoon.

In the extract broadcast on M6 Sunday, fans of Kaamelott were able to discover a short scene with a cast of choice around a frugal meal, with, on the program, allusion to MeToo, absurd humor on puns… Alexandre Astier (Arthur), Alain Chabat (the Duke of Aquitaine) , Geraldine Nakache (the Duchess of Aquitaine) and Guillaume Gallienne (Alzagar) have a fanciful conversation about the return of Arthur, sent by the gods to counter the tyrannical Lancelot du Lac. The former king of Brittany, not really excited about his new quest, will have to unite the various rebel clans installed on the island. If the exchange remains in the tone of the original series, we can however deplore a staging and a little elaborate photography.

But Monday afternoon, Alexandre Astier unveiled on his Twitter account a trailer of almost two minutes which is more mouth watering and in which we find the paw of the director from Lyon. More than ten years after the end of the series Kaamelott in 2009, Kaamelott: First Stream is located after the events of Book VI. Alexandre Astier explores in this last season the youth of Arthur in Rome as well as his accession to the throne of Brittany. It ends with an episode “at present», A few months after Arthur’s suicide attempt. The hero then decides to bequeath his crown to Lancelot, the latter embarking on the hunt for all the Knights of the Round Table. Forced to flee to Rome, Arthur regains his strength before deciding to recover his throne.

In the first seconds of the trailer, we discover the brand new character of Alzagar (Guillaume Gallienne), very threatening, who wonders: “Where’s Arthur, Pendragon?“. Neither one nor two, the latter goes in search of the former king (Alexandre Astier), first with a certain Quarto (Clovis Cornillac), then with the enchanting Elias de Keeliwich (Bruno Fontaine). Some say Arthur dead, others swear no. “Obviously he’s not dead, I’ve been telling you ten years, big salsify!»Says Perceval (Franck Pitiot). And finally, there it is: Arthur is back. A news that is debated, some wanting his skin, some wanting him to take back the throne of Brittany. New jokes with Perceval and Karadoc, sumptuous sets and beautiful costumes, and a short appearance by Audrey Fleurot whose presence was not yet formalized: this trailer makes you definitely look forward to seeing the rest.

A silent teaser broadcast in January, revealed the presence of many characters such as Karadoc, Perceval, Merlin or Léodagan. If Alain Chabat, Antoine de Caunes or even Christian Clavier are back, the role of several characters is not yet fully known, like those of Guillaume Gallienne, Clovis Cornillac or even … Sting.

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