Kaamelott: Alexandre Astier wants to be inspired by George Lucas for his second film

Building on his success in theaters, the Lyon director said he felt very close to the daring creative approach adopted by the American filmmaker on his films. Star Wars.

Surprise should be the key word. Passing Monday on TMC in the show Day-to-day of Yann Barthès, Alexandre Astier gave some first clues on what the fans could expect from the continuation of the adventures of King Arthur. A sequel which, despite the filmmaker’s fears, should see the light of day thanks to the very good figures achieved by Kaamelott – First Stream became, with more than 2.4 million admissions, the most viewed film of the summer. Better yet, Kaamelott’s first outing on the big screen is also the biggest success of French cinemas since the Covid crisis, ahead of Tenet and the last Fast & Furious . The extension of the health pass at the entrance to cinemas will not have slowed down the film’s fine score, to the delight of Alexandre Astier, who is free to prepare his second feature film as he sees fit. That is to say with boldness.

“I will not do what you expect, I will go where I alone can go, that is to say by surprising”, said the father of the series Kaamelott. Director and screenwriter at the origin of the series which had made the heyday of M6 fifteen years ago, Alexandre Astier underlined, during his passage on Day-to-day, the admiration he has for authors who know how to take risks with their creation. A sense of daring that he particularly admires in George Lucas, the creator of the saga Star wars : “I was very happy to be surprised by what Lucas was doing, mentioned Alexandre Astier. I’ve been happy every time he was where I couldn’t have gone myself as a fan ”.

A risky but successful bet

Without mentioning it card on the table, the Lyonnais behind Kaamelott seems to refer to the prelogy of the saga Star Wars. Down from The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi whose production had been entrusted to Irvin Kershner then to Richard Marquand, episodes I, II and III had been entirely designed and produced from A to Z by George Lucas, for a result that has long been criticized because of its difference with the historical trilogy. An observation qualified by Alexandre Astier: “When we had a film of him, we really had the daddy of Star wars who did something to us that we could never have imagined ”.

Maybe the two won’t really be one two …

Alexandre astier

Happy to see the film work well in theaters, Alexandre Astier also affirmed that beyond the pure figures, seeing his story work with the public reassured him a lot and now offers him the best motivation possible to approach the second part. of Kaamelott At the movie theater. “I find it nice that a lot of people have seen the film, because I am proud to show a hero who does not have the fish», He congratulated himself on the set of Day-to-day. “If I had wallowed, I would have stopped I think, he added. If I had totally wallowed, that would mean that people “don’t want your stories”, so we couldn’t keep telling them. ”

As he once again recalled on Monday, Alexandre Astier also intends to produce a third part of Kaamelott, in order to complete what he envisions to be an entire trilogy. And if it is still too early to outline a possible schedule of releases for the next films, the creator could not help but slip a very mysterious indication about the second feature film devoted to his zany reinterpretation of the Arthurian gesture. “Maybe the two won’t really be one two …”, he said lip service, his brows furrowed and his features thoughtful. It is not said that the common people, apart from Merlin or the Lady of the Lake perhaps, will not manage to decipher tomorrow the day before the enigma whispered, on a television set, by the sibylline demiurge.


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