Journalist admired the most hated man in America

“Elle” magazine revealed that a journalist covered the arrest of Martin Shkreli, nicknamed “the most hated businessman in America” ​​and the prison sentence that was inflicted on him, as Christy Smith mentioned details of her relationship with Martin, since their meeting in January 2016 until her life was turned upside down because of him. As of July 2018.

freedom of expression

Journalist Christy Smith told the magazine about her relationship with Shkreli, from their acquaintance and then befriending them, to writing a book on him, to her resignation from her position at Bloomberg after several warnings of her behavior, then her mutual divorce from her husband.

Martin Shkreli severed his relationship with her after learning of the publication of this article, but Christy Smith confirms that she is ready to wait for his release from prison expected in September 2023.

She expressed her happiness at “revealing” her story “after she kept it confidential for many years,” saying in a tweet in response to the criticisms leveled at her, “I am one of the great adherents to freedom of expression, and I am very strong, so do not hesitate to criticize.”

first meet

Christy Smith revealed the details of her relationship with Martin Shkreli, since her first meeting with the young official of a pharmaceutical group in January 2016 until her life was turned upside down because of him, starting in July 2018.

And in March, a Brooklyn federal court sentenced Shkreli, to seven years in prison, over asset credit misdirection and equity manipulation.


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