Joker: director Todd Phillips on track to write sequel claims

The filmmaker behind the first installment of the adventures of the antihero played by Joaquin Phoenix would have signed a contract with Warner Bros. To start a second episode.

It is a tradition in the American West, when we find a good vein, we exploit it until exhaustion. Joker, with its billion dollars in revenue worldwide, is no exception to the rule and should ultimately enjoy a sequel on the big screen. While The Mirror mentioned the existence of talks between Warner and Joaquin Phoenix (with a check for 50 million in the key) in September 2020, The Hollywood Reportsr more recently unveiled a new clue on Arthur Fleck’s future.

In an article listing the best Hollywood lawyers, the specialized media specified that one of them would have helped Todd Philips to sign a contract with the studio behind the first installment. This would allow the director to co-write the script for Joker 2. Without official announcement, the information remains to be taken with caution.

The filmmaker, who is currently working on a biopic dedicated to wrestler Hulk Hogan, had been widely acclaimed by audiences for his vision of the enigmatic antihero in the 2019 film. Built on the model of Taxi Driver, Joker first of the name had enchanted the public and, part of the criticism. It was consecrated by two Oscars, that of the best actor for Joaquin Phoenix and that of the best film score for Hildur Guðnadóttir. Several rumors had subsequently evoked the desire of Todd Philips to make a trilogy around his new favorite character.


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