Johnny Depp: “The best day of my career? The day I quit ”

SEEN FROM ELSEWHERE – The 57-year-old actor talks about his admiration for Robert Pattinson and opens up about his special relationship with Marlon Brando.


Johnny Depp at the Zurich Film Festival, October 2, 2020.
Johnny Depp at the Zurich Film Festival, October 2, 2020. ARND WIEGMANN / Reuters

By Arianna Finos (La Repubblica)

Johnny Depp’s only request before the interview (an event that has become rare) is not to mention his marriages and divorces, especially for legal reasons. The procedural fog has clouded its star in Hollywood, relegating to the background a talent still alive. It was particularly evident during the last Berlinale, with Minamata, film in which he provided a touching performance, while, by war photographer W. Eugene Smith, as well as in the guise of a cruel Colonel, extremely well interpreted in Waiting for the Barbarians by Ciro Guerra, a hit at the box office in Italy. In this film, inspired by the book written by Nobel laureate JM Coetzee, directed by Ciro Guerra and produced by Iervolino, Johnny Depp, 57, plays a colonel in charge of flushing out rebellion attempts at border posts through interrogation and torture. Magistrate Mark Rylance claims more

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