Johnny Depp back in Pirates of the Caribbean?

Emerged victorious from his lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard, Johnny Depp was the subject of a media frenzy around his possible return to Pirates of the Caribbean. JIM WATSON / AFP

For the past few days, the rumor of a return of the actor in the guise of Captain Jack Sparrow has been swelling on social networks. But a representative of the actor would have denied.

Monday, June 27, after the testimony of an anonymous source at the site poptopic , maintaining that Johnny Depp had been approached by Disney to put on his boots and his tricorn again, the rumor of the return of the actor in the franchise made the rounds of the Anglo-Saxon tabloids. The enthusiasm of the fans, who demanded the return of their idol in the guise of captain Jack Sparrow since his ousting in 2018, did the rest. Tuesday, June 28, one of Johnny Depp’s representatives denied these rumors to NBC News. “It’s made up”did he declare.

Removed from the franchise by Disney in 2018 after the column published by Amber Heard in the washington post in which she accused him, without naming him, of domestic violence, Johnny Depp had declared during the defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife that he would no longer work with the firm with the big ears which had made him feel “guilty until proven guilty”. At the end of this ultra-publicized trial won by the 59-year-old actor, a rumor around his possible return to the role of Captain Jack Sparrow swelled on social networks.

“301 million dollars and a million alpacas”

A source told poptopic that Disney would have approached the actor before the trial, the verdict of which was handed down on June 1, to ask him “would he be interested in coming back for another pirate movie, or two”. The source then added that another project was in the works for Disney+: “The deal calls for Johnny Depp to return as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 and a Disney+ spin-off series on the life of the Captain of the Black Pearl”.

To convince the actor, 301 million dollars would have been put on the negotiating table, according to this same source. An astronomical and unrealistic sum when you know that the actor was to earn $22.5 million for his sixth appearance as Jack Sparrow and that he was paid $50 million for the third film, while his rating of popularity was at its highest. In fact, this amount seems to come directly from what the actor’s lawyer said during the trial: “Is Disney aware that Mr. Depp has sworn that he will not play another role in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, even for $300 million and a million alpacas?” he told the jury.

In addition, Johnny Depp is not quite done with justice yet. The actor is accused of hitting Gregg Brooks, a member of the film’s crew City of Liesin April 2017. The trial, which will not be televised, will begin on July 25.

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